söndag 31 oktober 2010

Angels In A Cathedral / Polyphonic Tonic

As the band played its final number, the organist bent over his electric organ, filling the hall with chaotic onslaughts of notes thrown like shards of broken glass into the crowd, and finally the audience danced. All while a growing, doomy drone began to envelope and erase the distinct characteristics of the individual instruments, until they all seemed to blend into an ominous rumble that did not stop coming out of the speakers, even years before and after the band left the stage.

So far I've experienced a few shortcuts but music remains the only way to truly establish contact with the other side and to do that in a proper way sometimes the Tone Generators needs a new set of Germanium Transistors, they're almost impossible to find these days and without them these organs will never sound the same.

This is when you regret you started to work on it in the first place... Each key contact is fed a mixture of 2 or more footages, providing that classic rich Vox organ sound, and there's nothing quite like it.

Almost there, tuning it takes a while but ones done properly it will sound beyond heavenly, like angels in a cathedral.
This 1966 combo organ has got 4 octaves total, flute, brass, vibrato + a walking bass feature with a separate output so you can plug it into two different amps at the same time.

Now this piece is ready for even more beer spill!

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

19:th Nervous Brake-Down

Mick Jagger is 5’8”

And Brian Jones is 5’6”

Keith Richards is 5’9”

And Charlie Watts is 5’8”

Bill Wyman is 5’6”

...all measured while not wearing their Cuban heels that is.

A pair of those boots will safely add 3” to a man’s length. Today I decided to fabricate a reversed heel brake set-up for the TT Knuckle and even though I'm not really Cuban and I seldom wear boots, I really really LOVE the Rolling Stones. So it became mandatory to slice down the original brake pedal a good +3" to compensate for riding in Cuban heels; the world's first Stones proof heel brake set-up.

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

The Shape of Things to Come / Richmond Riot Pt. #1

These delicate digitals just flew in by the speed of electricity, that's about 96% as fast as the speed of light, e-mails are dangerously fast. This is Brandon working his divine metal magic on Jasin’s gastank down in the super secret Mullins Chain Drive catacombs up in Richmond CA USA.
"You can always replace paint but you can never replace friends"

måndag 25 oktober 2010

The Last Tendril of The Vine

The sheep all sleep in shallow graves, subconsciously trapped while consciously unwrapped, intellect got in the way of infinity, ego in the way of the unknown, fear in the way of all potential mysteries, have you met your demon?

The Garden of Eden is closing in 20 minutes folks, so put your boots on ladies and gentlemen and ride the serpent one last time, ride it until the end of time, ride it until vinegar turns back into wine, ride it straight to Satan’s shrine, the gloomy corridors where bristly fangs viciously shine, the last tendril of the vine.

Did you learn about Satan from reading a book or did you experience him from within, did you learn about God while you were in school and did they tell you she is free from sin?

The serpent’s scales are freezing cold and the story’s end is yet to be told, there’s fractions in infinity, as the last poet is fucking for virginity.

The murdered ghost embrace the lantern of fate, let it lead you through the gate, the demon dims your ideas like smoke coming from a warm gun, his mind is splintered like a sleeping child’s dream divided by the morning sun.

So come on people what are you waiting for? Come on, dive in the lake of the ancient, swim with your demon, ride the serpent.

You’ll be richly rewarded for your courageousness, so ride the serpent, ride it in excess, sense the last spark of inner freedom and become your last caress.

fredag 22 oktober 2010

Half-Moon Massacre

I never really cared for Harley's half-moon floorboards

But they are good fun cutting up... I actually cut more than I used.

High times at Stockholm Penetration Camp! - I managed to tune the welder just right, wow can you believe it (what a lucky shot) the penetration was massive, I felt confident and I hate working on thin sheet metal, it's boooring (in a John Lydon Accent) BOOORING!

There was just too many steps involved making these floorboards, painting and parkerizing the rivets, it's kinda hard to tell from the pic but it's insane how small the boards came out, cutting the rubber mats the right shape took forever. I still need to find the right rivet tool so I can push down the rivets nice and tight (rivets are not tensioned in the pic) Since I felt aggravated and paranoid from working the boooring sheet metal earlier I didn't take any pics, I had a cold sweat instead ...I still do.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Trance Mission / Part #2; Mission Completed

Whad'ya know? I always thought Bobby Brown and MC Hammer was the same person, and I always thought of Tina Turner as a white person, I’m so lame but at least I never thought of Dolly Parton as being black, that would be way lamer… Ok, sorry what I'm getting at is that smoking crack in a light bulb with Whitney Houston while wearing over sized genie pants is no longer the only way to get some serious HAMMER TIME.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

Trance Mission / Part #1

The Australian Aboriginals have practiced the ritual art of “Deep Trance Meditation” for eons, over 50.000 years to be precise, now compared to Harley-Davidson 4-Speed Transmissions that's a true ancient wisdom.

When the Aboriginals migrated from India to Australia 40.000 years ago they brought with them the meditational traditions of the East. My tradition is to get things apart really fast, lose focus and never get them together again.

The Baker kicker gears are by far the cleanest kicker gears I have ever seen, thanx Totte for the tip, my meniscus sends its deepest regards.

The oldest trance ritual tradition being the use of vibrational sound which helped the Aboriginals to access higher dimensions of reality, these are dimensions not seen, heard or touched in the normal waking state, but they could be accessed through deep meditational trance rituals. However, again, I seriously think meditating is for hippies.
(To be continued ...I hope)

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Columnated Ruins Domino

Brian Wilson, hands down the greatest musical genius of our time, and he is deaf on one ear, and even though the assholes at Capitol Records released the Smiley Smile album before Brian completed it I still think it blew Sgt. Pepper right out of the water.

In 1969 Brian Wilson opened a “health food store” in West Hollywood called The Radiant Radish, there he could be found any time of day wearing his bathrobe. Brian’s ambition with The Radiant Radish was to have a place that did not only sell ping-pong tables, vitamins and telescopes every hour of the day but also to host 24 hour trampoline sessions. Unfortunately the Radiant Radish had to close down for good July 29 1970.

Brian Wilson I LOVE you.

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

The Hammer of Nietzsche

Getting hammered;

Hitting first gear without the shifter binding up against the oil tank or clutch arm is always a good thing, I tacked the shifter in place before I got the rotary top apart.

After a few hours of welding, molding and parkerizing the hammer is ready to smash all 4 gears in place.

Friedrich Nietzsche is the hammer who smashed the tablets of Moses, the cross of Jesus and the heads of both Marx and Rousseau. The hammer of Nicke is the one who smashed good taste in general.

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

More Framed Nonsense

As I behold the dark wake of the molding Chopper Demons my mind were set in ireful bloom.

My face turned the color of spinach under a thin bed of ice, as my legs felt like frozen cod fillets. The demon and the angle grinder wrapped in deadly ancient sin of shaved iron. Denial got ahold of me; the gateway to forbidden dimensions. I couldn't face another day with this nightmarish consciousness.

Robocop's fingernails came to rescue like a set of magnetic solar winds.

Welded in place they waited patiently for their final shower.

The final 660 degree Celsius silver solder shower.

And hologram cells in eruption danced around the newly restored piece of iron all the way back to 1947.

måndag 11 oktober 2010

Turkey Toes & The Reverberating Universe

I got these amazing turkey pics from Jason Jessee last week, I can't stop looking at their turkey toes! Total mindmelters, far too good looking not to post on here... In the mid 1970's there was a bunch of wild scientist that discovered some background radiation left from the Big Bang, they calculated its frequency, and guess what; it was B-flat. The mother of all notes, hey beat that Jerry Garcia!

Even though when put into our standard system this B is like 57 or so octaves below standard piano tuning. The universe however still reverberates with that same exact note and so does these turkeys and their toes. Have you ever listend to Thelonious Monk playing B Flat Blues with John Coltrane and Miles Davis? Dude, that song is so much better than Tiny Dancer by Elton John.

fredag 8 oktober 2010

Cocaine Improves Your Tennis

Fun with chemicals Part #1:
Parkerizing Springer rockers in a Panhead rocker cover.

Fun with chemicals Part #2;
Watching the Parkerizing magic happen… Random Knuckle parts getting the ancient treatment. Got to watch the thermometer so it dosen't start to boil...

Fun with chemicals Part #3:

HFOS / Cocaine Improves Your Tennis

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

I Hate Chopper Builders (Sniff Glue & Worship Satan)

No I don't hate chopper builders, but it made a pretty striking headline, I do hate the fact that so many old frames and parts have been cut up, so after measuring another frame I did this jig-pipe to get the right measurements and started wandering the old gravel road back to originality.

The only thing about this jig-pipe is that it had to be cut after welding, I completely forgot about that.

After a bit of bondo this frame will clean up nicely, and when I get old I can mount a sidecar...

The second thing that had been cut on this project was the Springer fork's upper mounts for the friction damper and headlight mount. I got this 1942 one year only Springer fork that I truly love and really want to use and I guess that's the only reason I went through all the trouble making new mounts for it.

I had to really trouble my poor mind for quite a while on how to go about that.

After alot of hours in front of the mill and behind the angle grinder this is how the mounts came out. I did them just a little bit flat in the front to make them look more like the original casting.

And after measuring another Springer about 126 times I did a little jig-axle to get the right measurements, this axle also had to be cut after welding, and I completely forgot about that too, and on the same day as the side car loops!

While I was shivering with welder in hand anxious about how the the old chrome molly fork would react to the heat, my old friend "The Father" came through the door and lended a hand with welding the mounts in place.

After I pulled a rattle can on it this is what it looks like, came out pretty nice.

And now finally I can mount the friction damper and headlight mount on my beloved 1942 fork, and as I were mounting the springs I got a text message from Corner that read "Sniff glue and worship Satan" that totally made my day.