onsdag 6 oktober 2010

I Hate Chopper Builders (Sniff Glue & Worship Satan)

No I don't hate chopper builders, but it made a pretty striking headline, I do hate the fact that so many old frames and parts have been cut up, so after measuring another frame I did this jig-pipe to get the right measurements and started wandering the old gravel road back to originality.

The only thing about this jig-pipe is that it had to be cut after welding, I completely forgot about that.

After a bit of bondo this frame will clean up nicely, and when I get old I can mount a sidecar...

The second thing that had been cut on this project was the Springer fork's upper mounts for the friction damper and headlight mount. I got this 1942 one year only Springer fork that I truly love and really want to use and I guess that's the only reason I went through all the trouble making new mounts for it.

I had to really trouble my poor mind for quite a while on how to go about that.

After alot of hours in front of the mill and behind the angle grinder this is how the mounts came out. I did them just a little bit flat in the front to make them look more like the original casting.

And after measuring another Springer about 126 times I did a little jig-axle to get the right measurements, this axle also had to be cut after welding, and I completely forgot about that too, and on the same day as the side car loops!

While I was shivering with welder in hand anxious about how the the old chrome molly fork would react to the heat, my old friend "The Father" came through the door and lended a hand with welding the mounts in place.

After I pulled a rattle can on it this is what it looks like, came out pretty nice.

And now finally I can mount the friction damper and headlight mount on my beloved 1942 fork, and as I were mounting the springs I got a text message from Corner that read "Sniff glue and worship Satan" that totally made my day.

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