måndag 4 oktober 2010

Worship of The Brazen Serpent

Moses marched under the banner of a brazen serpent while leaving Egypt 300 B.C, The "Serpent" was the symbol of "The Lord" and I think that alone proves the Annunaki were in control of things at that time. I also believe this is where McDonalds got their logo from, but this ain't about McDonalds it's about Scandinavian Vikings and overdeveloped immune systems.

Everyone knows the Vikings raided the shit out of Europe during the late 8th to the mid-11th century. Sails were set all over the North Atlantic Islands and numerous locations got burned, Seine Valley in Normandy for example got totally slayed and several monasteries were attacked and destroyed forever. The Nordic Vikings were not only known to be hammered drunk but also known as “Northmen” in some parts of Europe and that’s even how Normandy got its name, however I believe there is a very interesting hidden part of the Viking history, and it is hidden due to Annunaki priest scholars from 570 B.C that manipulated the ancient Egyptian inscriptions and papyrus texts from 1200 B.C, papyrus texts that revealed this rich part of history.

So, very few people know about the fact that the Vikings invaded Egypt in 1200 B.C - I believe this to be the very first great battle on salt water.
The Vikings were spoken of as "North Sea People" by the Egyptians as they sailed in like a bloodfed hurricane on the Mediterranean shorelines swinging their shiny iron weapons. The Egyptian Annunaki responded by full force and there was a several years long battle of extreme violence, death, rituals, rape and torture. By the time the Vikings finally set sail back to Scandinavia I believe the weather circumstances had become catastrophic due to all the negative energy built up during all these years of blood shedding battle against the Egyptian Annunaki.

And these extreme weather circumstances I believe resulted in the Vikings developing an extremly strong immune system, an over the top strong immune system that were only benevolent under these extreme weather circumstances.
Now, many many generations later we still got this immune system here in Scandinavia, it's so strong it even drives the pigment out of our bodies, that's why alot of us have extremly blonde or reddish hair. And I am certain that our extreme immune defense is the reason that autoimmune diseases are so over-represented in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, diseases like psoriasis, diabetes, and last but not least - schizophrenia.

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