söndag 31 oktober 2010

Angels In A Cathedral / Polyphonic Tonic

As the band played its final number, the organist bent over his electric organ, filling the hall with chaotic onslaughts of notes thrown like shards of broken glass into the crowd, and finally the audience danced. All while a growing, doomy drone began to envelope and erase the distinct characteristics of the individual instruments, until they all seemed to blend into an ominous rumble that did not stop coming out of the speakers, even years before and after the band left the stage.

So far I've experienced a few shortcuts but music remains the only way to truly establish contact with the other side and to do that in a proper way sometimes the Tone Generators needs a new set of Germanium Transistors, they're almost impossible to find these days and without them these organs will never sound the same.

This is when you regret you started to work on it in the first place... Each key contact is fed a mixture of 2 or more footages, providing that classic rich Vox organ sound, and there's nothing quite like it.

Almost there, tuning it takes a while but ones done properly it will sound beyond heavenly, like angels in a cathedral.
This 1966 combo organ has got 4 octaves total, flute, brass, vibrato + a walking bass feature with a separate output so you can plug it into two different amps at the same time.

Now this piece is ready for even more beer spill!

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