onsdag 27 oktober 2010

19:th Nervous Brake-Down

Mick Jagger is 5’8”

And Brian Jones is 5’6”

Keith Richards is 5’9”

And Charlie Watts is 5’8”

Bill Wyman is 5’6”

...all measured while not wearing their Cuban heels that is.

A pair of those boots will safely add 3” to a man’s length. Today I decided to fabricate a reversed heel brake set-up for the TT Knuckle and even though I'm not really Cuban and I seldom wear boots, I really really LOVE the Rolling Stones. So it became mandatory to slice down the original brake pedal a good +3" to compensate for riding in Cuban heels; the world's first Stones proof heel brake set-up.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Cool idea, but don't you need to pull the lever on a HD drum?
    This setup seems to push it...?

  2. Knukkle, it's a reversed set-up so it pushes the rear drum lever, that is correct.

    However it dosen't matter if you pull or push the lever, it works exactly the same both ways.

  3. i always wanted to do something like this with a kick-shift behind your left heal...nothin in front of your toes. That turned out super clean Nicke.

  4. Dude, your blog is very inspiring. It makes me wanna actually work on my bike rather than just stare at it drinking a beer!

  5. Dave-E, the trick is to drink the beer before it gets cold and Jason that would be a rad setup for sure, great idea. A heel clutch would be cool too, complicated but cool, or not...

  6. Didn't know it also worked when pushed! :-)

  7. you fuckin crack me up.......

  8. This is so cool. My '77 Shovel frame was converted to rigid with a stretch goose neck. I want to put mechanical brakes on it so I'm putting a cross tube for the rear brake and I might just put a heel brake on now. I'm not sure how the exhaust will work around it though. Thanks for the post.