måndag 18 oktober 2010

Trance Mission / Part #1

The Australian Aboriginals have practiced the ritual art of “Deep Trance Meditation” for eons, over 50.000 years to be precise, now compared to Harley-Davidson 4-Speed Transmissions that's a true ancient wisdom.

When the Aboriginals migrated from India to Australia 40.000 years ago they brought with them the meditational traditions of the East. My tradition is to get things apart really fast, lose focus and never get them together again.

The Baker kicker gears are by far the cleanest kicker gears I have ever seen, thanx Totte for the tip, my meniscus sends its deepest regards.

The oldest trance ritual tradition being the use of vibrational sound which helped the Aboriginals to access higher dimensions of reality, these are dimensions not seen, heard or touched in the normal waking state, but they could be accessed through deep meditational trance rituals. However, again, I seriously think meditating is for hippies.
(To be continued ...I hope)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Let's talk about that fantastic ball peen.

  2. hey Nicke, i'll be in the UK pretty much all of april, maybe i'll make a detour and stop in sweden for a minute. I wanna skate that little bowl.

  3. Sounds great Jason, I'll e-mail you...