lördag 8 december 2012

1968 VOX

1968 Vox Sidewinder Bass and 1968 Vox Ultrasonic Guitar, these has a ton of onboard special effects, the guitar has a built-in E tuner, distortion booster, treble and bass booster, Wah-Wah and repeat percussion effects. The bass has a built in G Tuner, cosmic fuzz plus a treble and bass booster...

Here's John Entwistle with his Sidewinder Bass, and Pete Townshend smashing his Ultrasonic Guitar, but lucky for Pete these instruments came with a 5 year warranty.

Only bad thing for me is, if I felt like getting into smashing: the warranty expired 39 years ago...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome stuff Nicke, Vox were really pushing the envelope with electronic innovetions, wish I'd never sold my AC30. Entwistle gets nowhere near the respect and kudos he deserves man, early white boy funkster, one of the first to pick up the Alembic, a real fucking legend and hardcore rock pig, we won't get fooled again !!!

  2. Actually I have to agree with the above... The Who wouldn't have been who they were without Entwistle, just as the Jimi Hendix "Experience" wouldn't have sounded as great without Noel, er... what was his name again?