måndag 10 december 2012

Scandinavian Frost Hammer / Magick Of The Speed-E-Shift

Ok, here's some more of my mystery Speed-E-Shift that probably was set up for dragracing sometime in the 1950's, and when I've had some time to get into it I've realised it's acctually even more genius than I first noticed. Since this is a 'one piece' construction with the pedal integrated in the frame the geometry has been re-worked, for faster shifting!
If you know how the regular Speedy Shifters look you also know that the middle 'vertical' lever is useally a bit longer and reaches down about another 1.5" or so before it bolts up to the pedal lever, this one has the pedal lever in the same bolt as the bottom rear 'horizontal' lever, which means less pedal movement to hammer the gears in place = faster shifting.

This is how the Speed-E-Shift works folks, it's not all smoke and mirrors after all.

In this clip the Scandinavian Frost Hammer, as Brandon named it, is bolted up to a 1947 frame and transmission with a 1946 rotary top.

The clip begins in 1:st gear with the little handlebar lever pulled, then the lever is released as the shifter hammers down through all 4 gears (notice how it skips neutral and goes directly from 1:st to 2:nd)!

Then the little handlebar lever is pulled again to make the shifter shift back up through all the gears all the way back to 1:st (finding neutral is only possible when shifting back up)
And if you feel like it you can adjust the springs / wire tension so the L-shaped lever on the back of the shifter helps to lock the neutral in place, however I can't really see the point because it locks neutral in place perfectly without it, and besides that I didn't really tune the setup all that much before I shot the clip, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of how the Speed-E-Shifter works, bring back the 1950's!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thats so amazing its almost hurtful to watch!

  2. The ol' timer I bought mine from back in '91-ish said they work mighty fine: "It just takes a couple of gearboxes to adjust them right".

  3. Does anyone know where to get an original Speed-E-Shift mechanism?