onsdag 5 december 2012

It's Not About Paying Dues If You Do It Out Of Love

I finally agreed to have a full scale interview in the Skatemag, something I've been a bit afraid of to tell the truth, skateboarding just means too much to me. This is my first skateboarding interview in 14 years, kind of a big deal to me. I won't post the interview here since it's in Swedish and really long, but here's the photos. We (me and Robin Nilssen) shot everything during two frosty weeks early November, just before the snow fell.

Frontside Grind
I remember coming in to Stockholm City as a little kid and seeing these planters for the first time, I was so stoked my heart almost stopped, I will always remember that feeling - there was a rumor floating around saying Ron Allen had done a Rock 'n Roll here, something that seemed so incredibly unreal, I just couldn't understand how anybody could ever come up to the edge no matter what trick.
And little did I know it would take until I turned 17 years old before I finally got around to grinding these planters, wait I mean 27 years old ...oh sorry I mean 37!

Fakie Nosegrind
I never run bigger wheels than 50 millimeter due to major wheel-bite problems, so going backwards over the sketch part at the bottom of this bank in a fakie ollie position was something that turned out to be a lot harder than the trick.
50-50 Transfer
This curved rail is built of stainless steel, and nothing grinds more unpredictable than stainless, so I acctually had to wax the rail before I made it, but I would never tell anyone because waxing is weak.
Fakie Kickflip
The early/mid 1990's had a huge impact on me as a skateboarder, but still it was possible to get me out of the 90's. To get the 1990's out of me however is obviously harder than Fakie Kickflips.
360 Flip To Fakie / Switch Ollie back up
This spot is right inside the heart of Stockholm City, under the 'Kungsbron' bridge, the hard part is not pissing off the homeless people living there, and it's not really hard to 360 flip it either, the hard part, at least for me, is coming back up due to the curb the bank begins with, but hey - getting back up is what skateboarding is all about.

12 kommentarer:

  1. That's a bunch of cool photos Nicke!

  2. I haven't been on a skateboard since 1977 but it looks cool! Congrats on the article Nicke...

  3. this is some very impressive stuff.
    skate and destroy!

  4. stoked for you Nicke, its weird how a "toy" can dictate and frame out how somebody lives their life. I'm so thankful that skateboarding sank it's teeth into me and never let go.

  5. And thanks for the props everybody.