fredag 10 februari 2012

Within The Balneological Alchemist’s Mechanical Bathtub

Theurgy and Neoplatonism, two ships meeting in cosmos, twirling gigantic silver lined web of uncompleted beliefs, but only to the one who believe his mind is complete. Trash a bank if you got real balls - as Jello Biafra bravely said.

The herbal, medical, astronomical/astrological, balneological and mechanical secrets of the Voynich Manuscript is basicly what keeps me going, and ofcourse the live albums the Ramones did in the late 70's.

The Ramones didn't play all downstrokes, that's a myth, if you analyse most their live albums Johnny and DeeDee goes 16 downstrokes / 4 up and down / 16 downstrokes / 4 up and down, and for some reason that is really important to me.

If Ronnie Spector married Ronnie Wood her name would be Ronnie Wood... John Coltrane was the undisputed master of marrying different harmonic skeletons without using any real chord progression. The vertical aspects of music are the harmonies, harmonies that may or may not be distinguished from the line of melody, which would be the horizontal aspects of the song; I can't guarantee you anything but I suspect the rest is all within the volume.

Hermes Trismegistus poured the Baths of Pozzuoli and by doing so he both directly and indirectly shaped several multi dimensional conceptions of divinity. Me, I went straight to McDonalds.

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