onsdag 8 februari 2012

The Satanic Circus Dandelion

A bloodcurdling instrumentalist strange parade
A band of gypsies rolling in today

There were acrobats from ancient Rome
Lion tamers, jugglers, strange cologne

There were ladies riding bareback, black horse eyes burning ‘n’ blazing
The mystery man’s painted skull, untamed sadistic grazing

Stilt walkers moving in
The jester’s screaming, dancing in a ring
Snake charmer flute, a Cobra's sting

The Fortune Teller takes your hand
Come follow me into dream land

Through Magnolia fields in haze
Circus wagons leave no trace

Sing this out loud and they will forever haunt you
The sky was green as the grass turned blue
The Dandelion has come for you

4 kommentarer:

  1. If we ever actually meet face to face, I will be a little anxious about shaking your hand.

  2. BEWARE of the Super Swede!!!!!

  3. astonishing, although I am a little bit scared right now