söndag 12 februari 2012

1938 Dual Carb Knucklehead Racer

Just as if the hill climber people in Sweden weren’t humiliated enough already by Perra Leis and his touring 1600 CC Knucklehead…

Little do they know what's in store for them this summer.

Reinforced ribless 1930’s knuckle cases, open rockers, stroker, Trock cylinders, SU side float carbs topped with ’53 Triumph vacuum housings, special grind Leineweber Flat Track Cam, Aluminum Flanders risers(!) Hedlund Racing Clutch, VL Springer and ride control, 1938 oil and gas tanks, 1938 frame, Deka rubber. The pegs are from Lindblad who was an importer of Harley-Davidson in Sweden back in the 1920’s.

I had the privilege to build the Fairbanks Morse Magneto for this bike.
So if you're into racing old iron; Prepare for the final humiliation.

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