torsdag 16 februari 2012

The Bohemian Hedonist Sprinkler Effect

Jackie is a punk
Judie is a runt
They both went to the Mudd Club and the both got drunk
On his Knuckle Peter Longhair runs a Panhead oil pump.

Running a Panhead pump on a Knuckle may or may not over oil the heads, however my personal experience says it’s always best to put a restriction inside the oil line nipple that screws into the cam cover.

I know some people use rivets to do this restriction but since I have rivetphobia I had to machine my own little aluminum plug. It’s important to drill the hole AFTER the plug is pressed in, if not the hole won’t get the preferred ID.

The recommended size for this varies from; .0625” = 1.5875 mm up to .090” = 2.2850 mm, on Peter’s 1440 cc Knuckle I choose to go with what I’ve had the best results with myself; .0750” = 1.905 mm
Phil Spector used a handgun to restrict the work flow of Dee Dee Ramone and Leonard Cohen, I only wish I knew what he’d use to restrict oil flow...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Man, you can do without the jail time . . . we would also be deprived of your genius in both wordsmithing and things engineering/mechanical.

  2. Dude, you are the shit! I found your site after reading about you on Love Cycles. Your sense of humor and the multitudinous levels of your consciousness are truly awesome. I'm so glad to see that the secrets of machine work are not lost. A lot of people would never get that you have to drill the hole after pressing in the fitting. It would be close enough for "most people" but not right! I just resized the diameter of a clutch rod end by pressing a precision ball thru it last night, a trick my buddy showed me. The result? proper fit and no material removed. Keep it up. Rubber side down.

  3. Extremely clean work Nicke.