måndag 20 februari 2012

'Superior' Chain Enclosure

"The increasingly popular ”Superior” Chain Enclosure is one of the most practical accessories for the large Harley. This beautiful item pays for itself in increased chain life. 97% of the chain area is protected. Dirt and grit is kept off of the chain. Actual tests and riders’ endorsement prove that lubrication stays on the chain much longer. Chain life is increased by 100% and fewer chain adjustments are required. Added benefits are: a cleaner motorcycle and protection of the riders’ clothing. Price of the chain enclosure includes the chrome inspection plate and all necessary brackets and parts for easy installation"
(the ad above was sniped from Chris Haynes over at the AMCA Community Forums)

Yeah we'll see about ‘easy installation’ and ‘increased chain life by 100%’ and a few other things stated in the ad... but finally my several years long search for one of these gorgeous covers came to an end, thanks to my beloved friend and eternal brother Dean Micetich. The word grateful is a horrible understatement here, I am forever ENCLOSED in appreciation.

6 kommentarer:

  1. It's on it's way lover!! I couldn't think of anyone else I would most like that to belong to.
    I love you.
    Dean x

  2. This is the good one Nicke. The 51 and earlier style has the screws going up and down. it is a terrible design, when the chain gets loose, it hits on the threads inside of the cover. The later style like in the picture is the best accessory of all time. My dad has one on his 53, and rode 7000 miles on it last summer and only adjusted the chain twice. COngrats!!!!!

  3. fuck, i've been looking for a decent one of those forever

  4. I too have been looking for one as well. I've come close a couple times....always either a day late, or a $ short....