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And The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull (REVISITED)

Animals was invented by plants to spread their seeds in an effort to ensure their survival, but the plants never knew that the animals would later morph into humans.

Humans that later invented religions, 12 Spoke Mag Wheels etcetera in an effort to ensure their glory of existence. Religion leads to death, just as life itself, only faster. 12 Spokes on the other hand will take you straight into the very divine vineyard of life.

But a vineyard can be a dangerous place for a man that’s supposed to stay away from grapes, go ask Samson. Samson is a Bible character, one of the Judges from the Old Testament, he’s kind of the Incredible Hulk of the Bible.

Samson walked from Israel to the Philistines and on his way he was attacked by a vicious lion in the middle of a great vineyard, but he managed to get up on the lions back and tore its jaws completely apart cracking open the cranium.

When Samson later returned he saw the lions carcass resting in the vineyard and there now was a great bees nest in the open cranium, the honey bees were getting busy making honey in it.

He reached down in the lions skull and carved out a piece of the honey. It tasted very sweet, so sweet that he brought some for his parents, girlfriend and all of his friends - but he never revealed where it came from.

Anyway, when they asked from where the divine honey came he replied “Out of the eater came something to eat - Out of the strong came something sweet” A riddle that was referring to himself and by doing so he also committed at least one deadly sin.

God was pissed and a lot of people died, Samson later slayed an entire village with a bone from a donkeys ass. But let’s leave the Old Testament for a while shall we...

A beginning is a dangerous thing since it will lead you to the end. I have no idea what time is but there sure is no eternity with a temporal existence, not even the kind of temporal existence about which one may say, "It always existed" It simply does not have temporal duration of any kind or else it could never be an eternity.

My obsession for ancient American Racing Magnesium however may seem eternal and I’ve been hoarding the 12 Spokes shamelessly for quite some time, American did them in 15”, 17” and 18”. 15” are the most common by far, then we have the 18” and finally the most obscure 17”.

If you’re setting them up with a drum brake you need to find the very latest casting they did or they won’t have enough material around the hub to drill and tap to fit the drum.

Then we have the wonderful Performance Machine / E.M.E / Dick Allen wheels that came in 15" and 18" only and was poured in aluminum (the wheel above)

The early castings are all too thin to machine for a disc or drum. The 15”s are offset and the 17”s and 18”s are not, however the edge of the hub sticks out a couple of millimetres more on the “outside” of the hub on the 17” / 18” but the spokes on left and right hand sides are at the same angle so the wheel is perfectly centered over the hub. All these wheels came in two different types; to fit Anglia front spindles or Ford front spindles...

If you need tips on how to adapt a set of these wheels to your bike I did a little step-by-step:

Mag Wheel Part #1

Mag Wheel Part #2

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  2. Over the top man, exceptional article, pre-amble also excellent . . . I too share your love and fascination with classic sixties mag alloy go fast stuff, those wheels are the business, utterly gorgeous and sooooo fucking cool, love to run a front on my '74 FXE, thanks for a wonderful post, cheers muchly.

  3. so you're gonna turn the wheel into a beehive? good stuff man, those are gonna look great.

  4. Great post, funny and interesting.

  5. Beautiful! You wouldn't happen to have a matched set for sale?

  6. You're one knowledgeable motherfucker Nicke.

  7. All this makes me wonder
    -Is there anything you can't do?

  8. Some history you got there!

  9. You're a CRAZY MF & we LOVE ya!

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