torsdag 11 augusti 2011

Mag-nificent Longbike Wheel

EME/US Mag ad from Street Chopper 1973... This pic is sniped from the great MC Art

Since I'm not really sure on what bearings these wheels were set up with I choose to run 1967-72 Harley Midstar bearings which required a few minor adjustments to fit. The brake of choice is a 1967-72 juice drum, just like in the ad.

Hey look! I even remembered to remove the chuck key, fantastic.

Left side spacer-sleeve ready to be pressed in the hub.

If this pic were turned upside down it would totally remind me of the movie poster for Independence Day.

Get it!? Ok, sorry...

Here's the sleeve pressed in, it sticks out 7 mm and has a 0.02 mm press fit inside the drum, not only to add a little extra stability but also as a stop for the bearings. To make this setup work you also have to drill out the threads in the drum and bolt the drum to the wheel from the inside.

The 1967-72 drum had internal bearings from the factory, but only two, I pressed in an extra so now there's three bearings on the left side, the more the merrier.

Machining press fitting is a bitch... The sleeve requires a 0.03 squeeze inside the hub and the bearing requires a 0.02 millimeter squeeze inside the sleeve.

The right side sleeve and bearing ready for the press.

Here we go again...

Now this wheel has a total of four bearings(!) which is overkill, but pretty funny and super steady, and that reminds me of the fact that now I also have to build a bike for this wheel to be mounted on...

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  1. Every post is a lesson. Great stuff.

  2. amazing. keep up the good work!

  3. Excellent although I don't envy you having to replace the inner bearings in the future lol

  4. do you sell any of those wheels ?. i realy want one for my bsa bobber