måndag 15 augusti 2011

Mag-nificent Longbike Wheel Part II

I've been getting quite a few "how to" questions about this setup so I figured I'll do another post about the wheel. The threads in the drum are milled out and then the drum is bolted up to the wheel from the inside. And if you need to replace the bearings at some point that's not a problem since you can just unbolt the drum and pop them out.

I cut down a 1936-57 brake sleeve to fit inside the hub as a spacer between the bearings ...Pretty beefy, and it already has the perfect ID to fit over the axle.

Here's how it all slides together, it's really quite simple. The combo of running a press-fitted spacer-sleeve on the wheel's left side along with running three (insted of two) 1967-72 Midstar bearings inside the drum makes it possible to run the original 1967-72 brake sleeve and brake shield without any modifications.

Bolted up with everything, four bearings total, steady as a tank ...All it needs right now is chrome.

...Oh, and a longbike.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I cant wait to see the finished bike!!!
    The brake will look siiiick chromed.

  2. how much for a wheel like this ?.. i totaly dig those wheels

  3. Hello:

    I line in America (NOR/CAL) and I want to buy:

    One (1) Aluminum 12 spoke 15" rim

    One (1) Aluminum 12 spoke 18" rim

    Can any one help me out: prices? Thank you.