torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Monoblocks On Their Way To Germany

This is an open letter to my buddy Ivan from the faboulous Draggers;
Hi Ivan, hi internet, my name is Nicke Svensson and I am from Sweden, I like to eat lunch and ride motorcycles and think about melting jelly kremlins in explosion and I have a computer and a grumpy parrot named Acrobat Clam. I finally managed to not do anything else and get the matched Amals ready for your Panhead.

Sometimes I have nightmares when I'm wide awake, I have been told they will go away when I grow older, and I'm already older. I hope you are doing great over there in Germany.

I got them completly apart, not my nightmares - the carburetors, I did not drink. I took my time, brake cleaner and compressed air, David Crosby's falsetto on the stereo, I honed them and cleaned them. Crosby Stills Nash And Young.

Now they are jetted for a 74" and pre-tuned, the carburetors also comes with a lifetime warranty and 24 hour phone support, so if you ever have problems with them you just call me up or send them over. In four years I'll be 40 years old so I'll probably get all kinds of crisis doing alot of cocaine selling my bikes and buying a Ferrari, or not but anyway it's good that you get the carburetors in time.

They will be shipped Monday 11/08/22 09:30. Well, that's all for now Ivan. Thanx for last time and I hope to meet you soon, give my love to my friends over there, you know who they are. Thanx.

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