lördag 23 juli 2011

The EARTH whitout ART is just EH...

Ok, so here's the pics from Fücker Chopper Fest #1

The wind in the willows playing tea for two, the sky was yellow and the sun was blue.

Sebastian's 5" stroker enjoing the green fields of freedom.

Don't make me tell you again, choppers only - NO dressers...

Hey Candy Randy, this lineup makes me hungry. photo: Anneli Messo

Carbonated paint, Knucks, Shovels and Flatties... photo: Anneli Messo

Never mind the skunk, or what's in it. Here's Kalle Sjöström's Genny Shovel. photo: Peter Karlsson

Claes Lindblom's golden machine can go sideways through time, like an electric line, to your zodiac sign. Oh wait that's Silvermacine ...well, with that carburetor setup I'm sure Claes could do that too, even faster. photo: Peter Karlsson

You know which Van Halen song that is hands down the best? PANama! What did you think? Jump!? Come on... photo: Peter Karlsson

Che gets to feel the penetrating claws of imperialism.

Seriously, who brings dressers to a chopper fest..?

Lines of iron.

I'm no hippie but just see how sweet a little grass can make things unite, even Supertuppen found a brother.

Fuse's FAG Knuck! This bike used to run a 5.1/4" stroke ...now it runs like a Bat Out Of Hell! And I don't even listen to Meatloaf ...when I'm sober.

Perra's 1600cc Knuckle has seen more miles than most.

Totte and Rille drinking the Danish, hey Rille, hope your foot heals up fast, buddy.

The FAG's sweet modified dual M88 setup...

Hairy Canarie.

This is what magic looks like - photo: Anneli Messo

Drink like a fish, eat like a bird: Kalle and Rickard The 6 Volt Viking.

Just as blurry in front of the lence as behind it. Mr Longhair, Jörgen, Ms Longhair and Leis.

My memory ended way before this pic, and I'm still trying to find out if that's a good thing, but at least here you have the pics from the first ever Fücker Chopper Fest; the best show I've ever been to in my entire life.

onsdag 20 juli 2011

Sissy Bar-barians At The Gate

Here's a few more random shots from the chopper fest pre party and pre-pre party.

Sebastian's new Flathead build fired up and shined a light in our hearts.

Everyone else fired right up too!

Get that camera out of my face and hand me another one, ok!

I can't decide who's the best looking one..? I'm talking about the tanks hanging on the wall, what did you think! Geez...

Pandora's Primary...

The smoke inside made mechanical mushrooms grow right out of the radiator.

Backyard boogie, brews and bros ...and bobbers.

Every dome tells a tale.

Eternal bros.

Putting the cult in culture.

From hell they came...

That cider can wasen't mine, I swear.

Fuse the legend geared up and getting down.

The morning after the day before the moring after the day before... Getting ready to ride out to the show. I'll post pics from the Fücker Chopper Fest in a bit. *burp.

tisdag 19 juli 2011

The Fücker Fest Traveling Agency

Here's a random batch of pics from our ride from Stockholm to Strängnäs and down to Göteborg and the Fücker Chöpper Fëst. Left to right, right? Jörgen, Pete The 6 Volt Viking, Mr Chopper, Peter Longhair, Yours Truly, Panhead Totte, Corner and Rickard The 6 Volt Viking.

Well, how did you think Matte got his nickname Mr Chopper..! 1540cc Shovel, ouch!

Rickard's chop is impossible to stop, come rain, fire, dirt or wind ...or copper pipes in the belt drive - it'll still get him home on time - the world's toughest Shovel.

Jörgen's Panshovel is always a joy to behold.

Corner's murder Shovel, Ronald McDonald didn't dare to walk outside the reastaurant as long as it was parked here, but I can't blame him since I'm afraid of this bike too.

Stock is cock...

Corner ... who else?

Totte's dual carb 5" stroker still runs strong.

Speed-e-shift and dual carbs dialed to perfection; Totte is a genius.

Did I remember to bring my licence? ...Or wait I don't have one.

Peter Longhair's Monoblocked stroker.

Keeping the chopper mystique alive. Corner; Professor in chopper philosophy. Mr Chopper; Doctor in chopper history.

We all made it down to the Sissy Bar in time for liquid dinner and even though the rain got us pretty bad the last few miles we had such a great sunny and fun day of riding. I'll post way more pics tomorrow and if you want to see more right now there's tons of pics from the Fücker Fest if you go here: http://planetmotherfuckers.blogspot.com/

måndag 11 juli 2011

Advanced Odor Detection / The Future Of Mechanics

Question; Is there any better fragrance than a warm ridden motorcycle filling up your garage? Answer; No there's not. And just how penetrating that fragrance is will be determinated by a myriad of mechanical combinations, let's take primary gearing for instance. A bad gearing combination will create an overstrained and overheated machine, and overheated machines burns oil and creates a highly unpleasant odor. A correct gearing on the other hand will make a happily running machine that'll only leave one of the most pleasant fragrances known to man - a warm motorcycle.

Original MoCo sheet of standard gearing and gas / oil capacity for all big twins 1936 - 1948.

So here at Rigid Hips we're now starting to develop a 'Motorcycle Odor Testing Device Unit' to be able to detect not only bad gearing but also every mechanical fault instantly through sense of smell.

No more counting gear teeth and boring math, no more uncertain wrenching in hope to detect what's wrong. The information is already out there - the only thing we need to do is find a secure way to measure and interpret the different aspects of odor.

We believe advanced odor detection to be the very future of every aspect of motor mechanical fault detection; fast, reliable, direct and antiseptically clean. But until this device is done we suggest you follow the ancient papyrus in the first pic and interpret the timeless codes to achieve final pipe dragging perfectionism in all four gears, ok that's all for now, but stay tuned.
Rigid Hips - Our Future Stinks.