tisdag 19 juli 2011

The Fücker Fest Traveling Agency

Here's a random batch of pics from our ride from Stockholm to Strängnäs and down to Göteborg and the Fücker Chöpper Fëst. Left to right, right? Jörgen, Pete The 6 Volt Viking, Mr Chopper, Peter Longhair, Yours Truly, Panhead Totte, Corner and Rickard The 6 Volt Viking.

Well, how did you think Matte got his nickname Mr Chopper..! 1540cc Shovel, ouch!

Rickard's chop is impossible to stop, come rain, fire, dirt or wind ...or copper pipes in the belt drive - it'll still get him home on time - the world's toughest Shovel.

Jörgen's Panshovel is always a joy to behold.

Corner's murder Shovel, Ronald McDonald didn't dare to walk outside the reastaurant as long as it was parked here, but I can't blame him since I'm afraid of this bike too.

Stock is cock...

Corner ... who else?

Totte's dual carb 5" stroker still runs strong.

Speed-e-shift and dual carbs dialed to perfection; Totte is a genius.

Did I remember to bring my licence? ...Or wait I don't have one.

Peter Longhair's Monoblocked stroker.

Keeping the chopper mystique alive. Corner; Professor in chopper philosophy. Mr Chopper; Doctor in chopper history.

We all made it down to the Sissy Bar in time for liquid dinner and even though the rain got us pretty bad the last few miles we had such a great sunny and fun day of riding. I'll post way more pics tomorrow and if you want to see more right now there's tons of pics from the Fücker Fest if you go here: http://planetmotherfuckers.blogspot.com/

4 kommentarer:

  1. Lots of my heroes in one lineup.

  2. the bikes you guys ride are beyond everything i've ever seen. sweeden ruling!!!!!

  3. I wish I was there. I miss you buddy. Stock is SuperTuppen

  4. nicke those pictures are amazing!!! wish i could of ridden with you guys. anyway, we gonna ride together soon i hope