onsdag 20 juli 2011

Sissy Bar-barians At The Gate

Here's a few more random shots from the chopper fest pre party and pre-pre party.

Sebastian's new Flathead build fired up and shined a light in our hearts.

Everyone else fired right up too!

Get that camera out of my face and hand me another one, ok!

I can't decide who's the best looking one..? I'm talking about the tanks hanging on the wall, what did you think! Geez...

Pandora's Primary...

The smoke inside made mechanical mushrooms grow right out of the radiator.

Backyard boogie, brews and bros ...and bobbers.

Every dome tells a tale.

Eternal bros.

Putting the cult in culture.

From hell they came...

That cider can wasen't mine, I swear.

Fuse the legend geared up and getting down.

The morning after the day before the moring after the day before... Getting ready to ride out to the show. I'll post pics from the Fücker Chopper Fest in a bit. *burp.

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  1. Rille flying feet first - that bar looks like heaven in northern europe.