måndag 21 november 2011

The Secret Pilgrim of Stockholm's Archipelago

Riding out to Stockholm’s archipelago this time of year is one of my favorite things to do, taking the small ferries from island to island, riding around in the beautiful preserved nature on the characteristic archipelago roads. Preferably I leave at sunrise, all alone, and needless to say - on a Flathead.

Ferry Ferry, why you buggin'. Today it was 3 ºC / 37.4 ºF = not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air.

The sensation of being out rolling the throttle straight into supernatural weightlessness in one of the most gorgeous places on Planet Earth sure is a charming thing to do, perfectly soundless, when you turn off the ignition all that is left to hear is the endless ocean and the burning weed, I mean murmuring reed. No stress, no red lights, no sirens, no pigs, no horns, no OHV's, no people, no laws, no rules.

None of the drivers in these cars knew what their two wheels too many made them miss today.

The setting sun over the moist gravel roads in harmony with the hand-shift, foot clutch and buddy seat molds a cosmic combination of comfort that’s gracefully enveloping your body, the smell of the rolling ocean mixed with gasoline combustion are embracing your mind while your soul feeds of the vibrations left from back when dinosaurs still roamed this planet. It is days like this that makes you get through all the wintery months of no riding.
Flatheads forever.

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  2. What you describe here is pretty much what I feel when going local gravel roads on either my WL bob job or my 1939 W, I`m never as relaxed as when purring along for hours almost forgetting what world have become and the fact that most folks stay to the main roads in a queue with their modern wheels without knowing what is beyond or behind.
    Thanks for this post.