fredag 18 november 2011

Emotional Hypochondria / Part #2

Brake pedal in the works, still needs a few minor details, like a pedal etcetera...

Bracket for master cylinder welded in place.

Since I raised the transmission on this one there's plenty of room to fit the brake linkage nice and tight up against the frame and still keep it short, the rod is right above the frame tube.

I used a mechanical brake rod and clevis pin for the linkage, but since this brake rod is so much thicker than the original plunge that goes into the cylinder it needed to be lathed down and rounded at the end.

If you drill the hole in the lower pedal part in just the right spot the clevis pin will lock and secure the linkage in place so it can't fall out of the cylinder if the pedal would want to swings upwards, and at the other side of the cross shaft (bike's left side behind the primary) there's plenty of room to hide a return spring. Now I only have to decide on how I'm gonna set up the pegs before I weld up the rest of the pedal piece...

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