tisdag 22 november 2011

Meet The Corrector

Sympathy for the Linkert; Late body casting M51 waiting to go on Supertuppen.

The Linkert M51's are correct for 1937-1948 U and UL Flatheads, the UH and ULH had the M51-F and M51-L, the obscure 1939-1940 UA had the Linkert M65.

The M51's are also correct for the 1942-1948 WL and WLD Flatheads.

So, if you got sympathy for the Linkert, you need to paint it black. Brian Jones has nothing to do with it ...If you mount it on a 1947 Model U, and don't wanna meet the corrector that is.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Thats a fucking neat looking carb.

  2. Super sweet, did the 1947 big twin flatheads have black painted Linkerts?

  3. I live 3 blocks from the site of the Linkert factory. It is now a supermarket. I interviewed an old timer who worked next door. According to him when the factory was demolished they buried all of the unsold "obsolete" carbs...