fredag 25 mars 2011

The Process Crank of The Final Judgement

The FLTT crankcase is ready for it's final assembly, it sure has been a long process to get the chain driven Wico magneto and everything to line up as it's supposed to. And getting the Leineweber #5 cam to fit required a needle bearing and alot of machine work, also a serious shave of the lifter housing bottoms.

New drain/freeze plugs installed... Charlie even fabricated a special tool to tap them in place correctly.

And here's the MoCo TT Magneto masterplan.

The flywheels for this build are a set of dual right side UL flywheels that's had the crankpin holes re-drilled and a FL crankpin installed offset, that'll bump the 4.9/32” stroke up to 4.13/32” and compared to the stock 74" OHV stroke 3.31/32" it's quite a bit longer. Combined with the 3.5/8" bore it will be a 91" / 1500cc. This flywheel assembly is now balanced and ready to go in the cases. The motor should be done in the next couple of weeks now hopefully ...I can't wait to hear this thing run.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Are those drain plugs made by Hubbard?

  2. I have no idea? Are they?
    *text edited just in case...


  4. that is so clean! you need to post a video later i want to hear this thing roar!

  5. I have no idea either, was hoping you could shed some light! This pic is of the back of an early WRTT cast aluminium oil tank so I guess Harley must have liked them.