onsdag 23 mars 2011

Forever Changes

The Los Angeles rock band Love is one of the very best bands ever, and if you don't listen to them already you're definetly missing out on a radical part of music history.

The genius behind Love is named Arthur Lee and he was born in 1945, about the same time as the Lee clutch pedals first came in production. I was searching for something in the garage the other day and I found this old Lee pedal I completly forgot about. And all it needed was a little Love.

Over time the pedal hole had become pretty worn out and oval, so I cut i apart, drilled it out, did a little brass bushing and pressed in, had to re-drill and re-thread the grease nipple hole and re-weld the bracket and it's good to go. I won't even clean it - I'll just run it as it is.
Not listening to Love is a crime and the sentence is a Social Distortion neck tattoo.

5 kommentarer:

  1. you wouldnt happen to have a pedal like this for sale would ya?

  2. Oh man, a Social D neck tat is harsh!

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  4. The Daily Planet... So good!

  5. Fantastic, yeah the whole Forever Changes album is a total mindblower.