torsdag 31 mars 2011

The DNA Of A 1947 FLTT Racer

I just painted the TT Knucklehead and now it's time for its final assembly.

FLTT Racing tanks are so neat, and the mandatory Knuckle Valve Spring around the seat post is in place.

5.00-16" Good Year Grasshopper and a shortened fender

4.00-19" Good Year Grasshopper and a 1947 Springer.

Late 1947 slim neck frame.

It's even got a front axle and...

A Rigid Hips Raised Transmission Kit

Tranny plate mounted with extended bolts

Sergeant Lee is coming - and you're on his list.

I'm just Watching the wheels...

11 kommentarer:

  1. That's so beautiful I could .... cry ... (tears of joy!!!)

  2. J'aime! Did you cancel that shortened horseshoe oil tank then?

  3. Thanx guys. I still got the sectioned horseshoe oiltank and frame with the raised oiltank bracket, I'll save them for another build. I had to do a last minute frame swap since I came across this late 1947 slim neck, they are my favorite frame. And as far as my research go they first started out with FLTT late 1947 so it felt like a soild frame for this bike. Glad you like it.

  4. That is going to be a complete MONSTER!!!

  5. A Joy to Behold

    Workmanship second to none

    Ride Long & Safe Bro

  6. mark my words
    that knucklehead is so brutal it'll probably start a tt trend.

  7. Thanx alot for the props guys, stoked.

  8. cant wait to see that thing completely.