måndag 8 november 2010

Silver Candelabras & Glowing Silver Crucifixes

To the right is two original Knucklehead transmission plate bolts, and to the left is two Colony repro Knucklehead motor mount bolts.

I had to do this because there are no "1038 CP" Bolts long enough to mount the raised transmission in the back, but lucky for me rear Knucklehead motor mount bolts fitted perfect for the front transmission plate mounts .

Cut, extended and...

Welded, now the hardest part about all this is that I can never declare this bike is built using only original parts, no I have to throw myselfe under the Cross, while countless OEM snobs waves tall silver candelabras and glowing silver crucifixes in sheer triumph over the fact that my Knuckle now has two 2" stems from Colony repros. Aah, my life will never be the same...

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