måndag 21 februari 2011

The Shoreline of Dead Pony Island

Every single existing particle throughout the entire universe resonates at its own frequency, yet they all relate on a harmonic scale to each other. Understanding harmonics means understanding the very key to the universe – it’s all in the resonance, the rhythm and the volume. Different octaves of understanding, grains of vital energy ringing out and creating eternity, each note is split, dispersed through a fragmentary chaos of Hertz, scattered through all time and space, thousands and thousands of miniature resonating identities positioned all at random.

Like shattered mirrors of galactic proportions the notes are splintered through every dimension at every frequency at all ages at the same time totally unsystematic. Finding the pieces of these notes, putting them together, bringing them back up to tune and locating the pattern means locating the harmonies, and being able to tune in and feeling the harmonies means the only true self discovery, and self discovery means breaking free from our enslavement caused by reptilian manipulated DNA. Speaking physically humans are nothing but concentrated energy with a pulse, a beat, a rhythm that needs to indulge in these notes to form the delicate harmonies of free existence, we need to tune in.

The Annunaki manipulated our DNA with the purpose of making us unable to understand the universe, to make us unable to choose for ourselves, to make us unable to follow our own minds, to enslave our existence and control us as their cattle, through a rich palette of various communal master suppression techniques like Scientology, Mormonism and even McDonaldsism soldier reptile humanoids like L Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith and Ray Crock have constantly been trying to blind us from seeing and sensing ourselves.

But tide is getting high, the intergalactic 8 ball is about to fall into a black hole; The Mayan calendar unmistakably points out, with tremendous precision - the year 2012 as the end of a grand cycle of energy for humans and all other life forms in this dimension. If we are standing in the very doorway of a cosmic paradigm shift here is hard to say, however I do suspect that the year 2012 will be the year when human DNA re-evolves back into its un-manipulated form, the year that the veil finally lifts between our manipulated human world and the reptilian humanoid’s, between the illusion and the truth, between Ronald McDonald and Spud, between Val Kilmer and Jim Morrison, between shit and falafel.

The atmosphere opens up as the new inter-dimensional horizons of the parallel universes morphs into one infinite solar flare; we’re penetrating a new undiscovered electric epoch, all magnetic fields are about to be dissolved, every zodiac sign is about to revolve, the oceans will burn and the mountains will fall, there’s a new parallel equator on the rise; dead ponies will rain down from the heavens.

Speaking metaphorically; Humans were sheep and Annunaki were shepherds ones upon a time, but now it’s about to turn into the opposite, now it'll be twice upon a time …and Tom Cruise won’t be riding shotgun.

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  1. ♫ ♪♫♫ ♪♪ Holy Fuck ♫ ♪♫♫ ♪♪

  2. Damn, I've been trying to put of these ideas into words without sounding schizo...Once one starts reading about the sumarians, and Ur(earth) It's quite a shocker...

  3. This explains why, when we pass on to the next dimension, we are carried away from the funeral home in a hertz.

  4. Bra skrivet! Typ i klass med Tom Robbins. (och det är en stor komplimang i min värld)