onsdag 23 februari 2011

Rainman Says; Subscribe To DicE

Hi internet, please meet Andreas Berglin from Stockholm and his Genny Shovel. I did an article about them in the new DicE but I didn't write down any relevant technical information, instead I had 3 liters of red vine and wrote about oscillating filaments. So here's the information about the bike, or at least some of it.

It's not really a Genny Shovel, it's a Pan Shovel built from a 1957 crank topped with 1975 heads, and a late 1950's transmission. The rear section of the frame is shortend 1" and the fork is extended 8", 16 / 21" tires, 1980's Alien tank and a rear fender from Roffe's Speedshop.

Andreas put this bike together in only three weeks of time - Then it took me 9 month to do the article about it.

So, according to Rainman that means Andreas could've built 12 bikes exactly like this one in the time it took me to do the article, and to do articles about all those 12 bikes would take me 108 months, and in that time Andreas could've built 144 bikes and for me to do articles about all 144 bikes would take 1296 months ...or 108 years. That's 648 DicE issues featuring bikes that all looks exactly the same, Dean would fire me in a heartbeat...

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  1. Are you kidding? Thats why we hired you!
    That and your extremely good looks.