fredag 18 februari 2011

Mechanical Cryptozoology & Chain Driven Magnetos

A little update on the stroker motor for the TT Knuckle;

Charley's getting busy making this Knuckle/Pan adjustable jig...

The right side case is shaved, drilled and tapped for the magneto and chain drive to fit. Note the freshly milled out radius around the cam, ALL the way down to the race! It had to be done to make the #5 Leineweber cam fit. And a needle bearing will be used, that's why the cam bushing hole is drilled out.

In this pic the rear sprocket is flipped the wrong way to show the chain better.
The way the TT Magneto and chain bolts up is a pretty colorful and amazing construction; like two Flamingos in a fruit fight.

Single firing Wico Model X, the Ogopogo of the magneto world.

And here's a complete set of nos drain/freeze plugs for the cases. Well that's all for now, I got to dive back in the Baltic Sea, legendary sea monsters of gargantuan size are calling my name and I have to tame the Kraken, more updates on the Knuckle soon.

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  2. Nicke are you going to make a hole in the Cam cover so you can adjust the timing Chain ?? They slip moving your timing a few degrees.

    Dedicated !!! i know you needed to mill a lot off that block to make this beast run !!
    P :}

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  4. Paulie, I'm gonna let my personal experience outrule if I need to do a peekaboo cover for it or not. Since I'm so smug and prefer the look of the original, an uncut camcover will be used first - we'll see...

  5. I'm having tropical hotdogs right now.

  6. thanks or putting Canada on the map Nicke
    the ogopogo is our national animal

  7. you gotta take the beast to our show in bottrop- will you?!