måndag 13 september 2010

Rivet Sequences & Conspirative Codes

Observe the rivet sequence that holds the sprocket on this 1950's brake drum;
2 apart, 3 together, 2 apart, 3 together, 2 apart, 3 together.
For years and years I've had a hard time getting why they put the rivets in that exact sequence, and today I finally translated that sequential pattern into Morse Code;

- -…- -…- -…- -... = MS MS MS MS
Now I’m no conspiracy theory kook, I hope, or maybe I am, however I suspect MS means the bike “Might Stop” when you push the brake. I mean, it happened to me several times, these brakes do work from time to time, and when they do the bike just might stop, so it all figures. So who's behind this sequential rivet code, Willie G. Davidson? Harry S.Truman? Eric Bloom? Why has it been kept a secret all these years and just what made them do it?

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  1. you will be sadly missed in NY...but you will always be in my heart.