tisdag 14 september 2010

Rigid Hips - We're So Behind We're Ahead

In the mid 1950's you could send your Panheads to George & Co at S&S for dual carb conversions, this was, of course, before daily threats of global heating and mass Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

Now, about 60 years later we have reached the other end of the line, and here at Rigid Hips environmental consciousness is a priority; it’s time to plug!

The most effective way to do this is to plug the pushrods holes, that way there will be absolutely no combustion. Rigid Hips offers plug conversions for both Pan & Knuckle Heads (45" & 80" Flathead plugs available in the near future) So what are you waiting for? Send them in!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Plugging the pushrod holes on Pans and Knucks is a stroke of genius, but the intricacy involved in plugging the pushrod holes on Flatties leaves me unable to visualize the process. When you have that process available please post pictures.

  2. On the Flatties we're planning on doing solid valve guides, so no valves will be needed... The guide is the plug. ...Can't wait!