tisdag 3 maj 2011

NickeLeaks Reveals $1300 Knucklehead

Several cases of OHV radiation illness symptoms were reported and registered at the United States Government's alien biogenetics laboratory in Milwaukee during the late 1930's

And even though some of this information now has leaked, there's still a ton more hidden under the shadows of dark wings from the spines of advanced governments and their elitist forces. Today I fear reports of the same nature being revealed in the near future, reports of similar OHV radiation symptoms ...only this time located South of Stockholm, Sweden.

What makes me fear this scenario is among other things that a friend of mine brought this box to my garage today, a box he payed $1300.00 for (needless to say it was not bought on the internet) Now I'm gonna build the motor for him, so it'll sure cost him a lot more before it's all finished, alot more beer that is. I'll just have to find a way to manipulate the OHV radiation levels, one trusted technique is to simply give in and indulge in the OHV radiation.
Something that may be devastating for the soul of the one who follows the divine path of the Side Valve, but due to lack of mechanic complications from constructing radiation-resistant full-body armor, still very well worth considering.

The aggressive OHV radiation epidemic wildly spread from Wisconsin and all over this planet starting in the late 1930's, and the incubation period is still very very short ...as some of you may have experienced already.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I thought recognized it...Lucky for our friend it come in good hands!//

    M Ring

  2. I know it will come out nicely. But can you also manage the owner to get a license?

  3. Now these are the kind of leaks we want leaked from the people we need to have things leaked from. These are the boxes of stuff we all dream of. But then we wake up and realize we have to put them together. That's when we need inspiration from NIckeLeaks. A perpetual leaking motion.