torsdag 5 januari 2017

Kickstarting a 90" Knucklehead Alky Burner

Dual Magnetos

Dual Carburetors

Dual Chromosomes
...And 20 Liters pure Alcohol!

The OHVL - a 90" Methanol Fueled Knucklehead, dual Riley Carburetors, dual Fairbanks Morse Magnetos, original Chet Herbert Cam and best of all 12:1 compression!
Kickstarting's never been so much fun.

torsdag 14 juli 2016

Here's Some VARDHALLA Telescopic Front Ends

Triple Black Aircraft Primer

Virgin Manganeze Bronze

Patina Finish

Triple Trees all done with parkerized details

Another complete Front End ready for paint

Quality Castings Made In Sweden

Black and Park

4130 cold drawn front axels

Some machining...

One more complete ready to hit the road

måndag 22 februari 2016

Vardhalla Foundry Days

It's still 1947 at the Vardhalla Foundry

Our Foundry here in Stockholm was established back in 1943 and runs 3 generations deep.
All the same 1940's tooling frames and owen are still in use.

All our trees are from the finest Manganese Bronze Alloy and comes from hand shaped sand molds
- produced separately, one by one...

Grow your own.

Opening the molds is the best part.

Here's 110 pounds of Manganese Bronze Alloy and one of our fork covers sand molds, we did the wood pattern for our covers back in 2012, alot of thought went into making these - visually they come out identical to the old ones BUT are reinforced at all critical places and also with every internal radius improved to guarantee maximum milage without cracking.

For more info on our upgraded covers please click HERE

Here is the liquid version of our upgraded fork covers.

Quality speaks a global language.

Molds for days...

After breaking the molds we cut out the runners and glass blast the trees to make them ready for quality control - any tree that dosen't come out 100% gets melted down again and poured into the next mold.

There you have it - one of our bottom trees cleaned up, inspected and ready for machining.

Vardhalla may be located in the very Northern part of the world
- but when we party it still gets 1700 degrees!

söndag 14 februari 2016


All our work is done by hand the traditional way. Here we are tracing machining coordinates on one of our fresh castings.

After punching down the first coordinate of the triple tree, finding all the remaining coordinates comes down to 3 different size circles:
Big circle = fork legs
Mid circle = outer riser holes
Small circle = center riser holes

We do all the work manually on 1940's machines, and we drink our coffee/bourbon from the King's cup.

Here is the upper tree pre-drilled and ready to be bored out and tapered for the legs.

After pre-drilling we use a centricator and boring head to bore out the tree to factory specifications.

And there you have it - a brand new manganese bronze Vardhalla triple tree indistinguishable from the 1940's originals.

And as we were at it we couldn't resist bending up a few Vardhalla Hellings style handlebars...

...that we mounted with our man i Japan Jacksun's killer risers.

I said let it be me; I said use my hands I will use our strength.
Let's get some Vardhalla Forks on the road!

tisdag 9 februari 2016


 We build our VARDHALLA forks from the highest grade cold-drawn seamless precision steel tubing direct from Argo Aircraft Technique here in Stockholm.

 After final assembly of the fork leg we make sure it's perfectly straight; this leg is within 0.0006"
- all manually machined.

"Made of the highest grade cold-drawn seamless steel tubing"

Vardhalla Rising...

lördag 6 februari 2016

Ramblin' On - VARD Style

Here's one amazing portrait of time, The Franklin Ramblers MC from Franklin, Pennsylvania in the late 1940's.
Just check out that mean looking Vard front end!

Photo by John Rodgers

måndag 1 februari 2016

Vardhalla INC. Weapons of Mass Production

Here’s Supertuppen and my buddy John's black ‘47.
I rode a Vard on this bike for +4 years now and when me and John decided to fabricate a complete Telescopic front end the first question was simple; do we need to upgrade any of the parts on it? - However the question was just as simple

Why? - Because the Vard front end rides and handles better than any other front end I’ve ever ridden (which might not say all that much since I never owned anything newer than 1957) but the original performance of these forks sure doesn’t need to be improved, at all. Check out the sand mold of the fork covers, to the right in the photo is 110 pounds of pure manganese bronze.

Hey did you hear about Vardhalla INC building brand new Telescopic Forks in Sweden?

...Man that's so 7 hours ago.

1700 degrees - party time!

Ok I'm back! Here are our brand new Vardhalla sliders, please note the weld - we concentrate on making the welds look authentic and just a bit gnarly, like the originals.

As a bonus here’s 2 photos of both the interior and exterior of the original Vard INC plant located on 2981 East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena California.

And here’s a little weapon of mass production I did today to locate the first coordinate of the trees.

This is where the whole machining process starts – after locating the first coordinate we trace every hole in both trees from this exact mark, and we do it using a steel compass and calipers, not one single digital thing is involved...

CNC machining would take the fun out of the whole process so we fabricate every part manually by hand on 1940’s equipment.
The best part is; we're gonna show you how to do it yourself too...

lördag 30 januari 2016

Vardhalla Triple Trees Fresh From The Foundry

Pure Manganese bronze glory.

The foundry who casted our trees was established back in 1943 and runs 3 generations deep, they still use the same 1940's tooling frames and owen.

And so our Vardhalla triple trees came out 100% identical to the 1940's originals including the tricky top surface with the diagonal 'casting stripes' - that part took a while to figure out but we couldn't be happier with the result. We started this project 30 days ago today and this is the last piece of the puzzle, now we only need to machine the trees and get ready for some final assembly.

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Brooklyn Invitational Builders List

I'm so HONORED to be invited as a part of this great bike show...
See you all in Brooklyn on September 20th!

tisdag 4 mars 2014

Supertuppen Rising

Here's Supertuppen at The Moon Eyes Bike Show last weekend, all photos by Sune Norling.