söndag 24 april 2011

The World Is Flat

Long time ago back in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve were still discovering each other under the great Tree of Knowledge, the Demonic Serpent ambushed them mercilessly and manipulated them by giving both Adam and Eve peripheral vision.

And peripheral vision is something that we humans still live with to this day. The Serpent’s reason for doing so was to give us humans the illusion of living in a spherical world, to provide us with the illusion that we are living on a round planet.

Guess what, we’re not. Our world is flat like a sheet of paper. We are all living on the very edge of a cylindrical nanosecond located around the fourth dimension.

Time is our soil; it’s only that through the spawn of the Serpent we’ve always experienced time as something round, just look at how we designed almost every clock – round and constantly repeating itself; the snake biting its own tail, the closed circle – the symbol of eternity. All lies, circles are evil, circumference is evil and the only true symbol of eternity is a flat line, not a bowed one.

Time does not work in circular patterns, time is totally linear, and that’s why we’ve never been able to fully understand time. Multitudes of people thought Einstein nailed it when he said something like “time is what you measure by a clock” but that’s still a pretty incomplete statement, even if you ignore the fact that the clock itself is a complete lie. I actually take Albert’s statement a lot more like a sign of giving up on understanding time, than anything else.

Jesus Christ was crucified on a perfectly flat two dimensional cross, a symbol of two crossed lines, the symbol of two worlds crossing; The Annunaki sorcerers and the humanoids, the cross itself was fabricated by a few brave human souls from Bethlehem in hope to send out a sign to the world, a sign of the final truth.

Evil priest class dimension-hopping demons wanted to crucify Jesus to a great wooden circle but they got beat down by the Palestinians, so the only circular thing they managed to get on him was the crown of thorns.

Since we humans have continued through all times with our distorted vision of a peripheral system, we’ve also committed some heavily distorted constructions, like the OHV's ...when humans first designed the combustion engine it was a beautiful Flathead, the flat line will always remain the symbol of final truth and heavenly glory.

And then over time the demonic peripheral distortion got too heavy and the human race became more confused than ever before, a strong proof of this was when people first started designing hemispheric combustion chambers and over head valves, OHV’s are not operating linear up and down like the divine Flatheads, the OHV’s distorted the divine flat line of truth.

The dreadful rocker arm construction manipulated the valves to open back downwards against the lifters committing a circle of treason.

The over head valve construction created the beginning of a circular movement, the opening act of evil, the ultimate treason. Today Jesus’ cross is long gone, decomposed since many many years, and that leaves the Flathead as the only thing that remains totally pure, the very thing that continues to echo through all eternity as the unlimited divine symbol of final truth.

The world is flat.

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  1. i didn't believe you but then i took my set-square outside, got to my knees and 20 years of propoganda spontaneously combusted.

  2. you are a fuckin madman......i salute you.