måndag 22 februari 2016

Vardhalla Foundry Days

It's still 1947 at the Vardhalla Foundry

Our Foundry here in Stockholm was established back in 1943 and runs 3 generations deep.
All the same 1940's tooling frames and owen are still in use.

All our trees are from the finest Manganese Bronze Alloy and comes from hand shaped sand molds
- produced separately, one by one...

Grow your own.

Opening the molds is the best part.

Here's 110 pounds of Manganese Bronze Alloy and one of our fork covers sand molds, we did the wood pattern for our covers back in 2012, alot of thought went into making these - visually they come out identical to the old ones BUT are reinforced at all critical places and also with every internal radius improved to guarantee maximum milage without cracking.

For more info on our upgraded covers please click HERE

Here is the liquid version of our upgraded fork covers.

Quality speaks a global language.

Molds for days...

After breaking the molds we cut out the runners and glass blast the trees to make them ready for quality control - any tree that dosen't come out 100% gets melted down again and poured into the next mold.

There you have it - one of our bottom trees cleaned up, inspected and ready for machining.

Vardhalla may be located in the very Northern part of the world
- but when we party it still gets 1700 degrees!

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