söndag 14 februari 2016


All our work is done by hand the traditional way. Here we are tracing machining coordinates on one of our fresh castings.

After punching down the first coordinate of the triple tree, finding all the remaining coordinates comes down to 3 different size circles:
Big circle = fork legs
Mid circle = outer riser holes
Small circle = center riser holes

We do all the work manually on 1940's machines, and we drink our coffee/bourbon from the King's cup.

Here is the upper tree pre-drilled and ready to be bored out and tapered for the legs.

After pre-drilling we use a centricator and boring head to bore out the tree to factory specifications.

And there you have it - a brand new manganese bronze Vardhalla triple tree indistinguishable from the 1940's originals.

And as we were at it we couldn't resist bending up a few Vardhalla Hellings style handlebars...

...that we mounted with our man i Japan Jacksun's killer risers.

I said let it be me; I said use my hands I will use our strength.
Let's get some Vardhalla Forks on the road!

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