torsdag 20 juni 2013

Supertuppen's First Start-Up

Here's a little clip of the first start-up of Supertuppen, Leineweber sure knows how to make the old Knuckleheads bark...

5 kommentarer:

  1. Bad Ass! Now hurry and ride it to Born-Free!
    Just a tip, watch the right turn with those pipes, i drag mine on the panhead and lost the hardware. I took the screen out and ground a flat spot in it so the pipes can crush into it without popping the screen or tearing the nuts out. I also wound up tacking the screens in with the TIG...

    1. Ha ha, yeah I just need to adjust the super rare Buco Canoe frame I found on eBay last week and I'm good to go.

      About the pipes, the first day I rode the bike into the city I parked on a real steep city street so I had to put the rear wheel up against the curb to keep it from rolling, when I started it again later and took a sharp 90 degree turn from the parking spot and down the steep street my rear pipe somehow hung up on the curb and poped out of the squish part, but luckily it didn't get fucked, but they scrape easily so tacking the screens seem like a great idea, thanx.

  2. Awesome Nicke, love the lope, long time coming mate, bravo.