lördag 22 juni 2013

Automatic Knucklehead Glory

I finished a bike, can you believe it?
The Magdraulic front brake looks better than it works but comes in handy as a solid parking brake and since the bike now has a suicide type clutch that's real nice when you ride it on the steep city streets of Stockholm. The motor is still a 74" but has got a .480" Leineweber special grind cam, higher compression and modified Oldsmobile V8 valves, single fire magneto and a few other minor adjustments.


The Vard fork is inline and makes the bike sit about 1.5" higher up front than the standard offset Springer, it handles like a freight train on the freeway - I mean that in a good way, acctually I mean that in a great way. And even though it does make the bike a bit harder to turn at low speed, all in all it's definitely an upgrade in handling and over all riding comfort compared to a Springer.

The Speed-E-Shift prototype from 1951 works like a dream and features a roller bearing for the pedal which is integrated in the frame and not a separate part like on the Speed-E-Shifter that came in production. Anyway, smoothest shifting I ever had on any bike.
At first it's hard to not confuse the Speed-E's handlever (that reverse the mechanism) for a hand clutch but after a few hours it's so much fun...
Automatic Knucklehead Glory.

10 kommentarer:


  2. Brilliant man, the Vard frontend is so smooth . . . the cam explains the lovely loping sound she's putting out, wonderful stuff.

  3. You did it! Congrats, looks sweeter then ever

  4. Great looking bike and good to see your back on the blog:-) Keep on posting.

  5. Fantastic! Just saw the spread in Roller...Looking good Nicke!

    1. Thanx buddy, hope all is good with you over there...

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