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The Cole Foster Interview Part 3

Our time I fear is coming to an end. Sweden has been so wonderful. My stay here was only supposed to be for a week, its turned into two and part of me will never really leave. During the exchange program Nicke and I have decided that we should probably contribute to each other’s blogs regularly. Now that the Rigid/Chain Drive Transcontinental Knuckle Sub is complete the Atlantic Ocean is just a puddle.

best tattoo I have

below the worst tattoo anyboodys ever seen

In the final chapeter of the C.F. interview we talk a little about Paso Robles, Clint Eastwood, erotic devices, and Cole’s new Car/Bike show on May the 5th.

C: I was talkin to some guy last week about Paso stories and was tellin him about when you and me and Job…

B: fuck (laughter)

C: it was late and I guess we were done partying and me and Job had a room and we were walking back and you were like cool! following us…

B: I stopped to take a piss, super drunk, I turned around you guys vanished…

C: (laughter) we hid from you while you were pissing and all we could here was fuck! you guys are geniuses! This is unbelievable! Thank you!! (laughter)

B: (laughter) instantly humbled! I slept behind a Denny’s that night. (laughter)

B: you think they’ll ever bring Paso back?

C: no.

B: I mean they still have car shows they're just not city wide overthrow like it used to be…

C: we were never liked there so I havnt been back, like when they moved it or whatever.

B: it would never be the same anyway, Sex Pistols reunion, that’s what it’d be…

B: oh can you talk about your Mentors story… its short but its funny…

C: yea we went up to see a show but we couldn’t get in or something, I don’t think I was 21? I think it was like ’82 or something. I was in highschool. And then there was a sign that said The Mentors and maybe Gang Green? I was with a guy I worked with and maybe he knew who they were I’d never heard of them. So we went in and it was just mind snapping, with the hoods and shit. And they called me a rockabilly faggot.

B: El Duche did?

C: yea, it was beautiful. There were chicks on stage and they were doing sodomy to each other it was pretty insane.

B: a very special evening…

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B: ok how about Clint Eastwood’s daughter (Allison) paying for your wedding party?

C: yea… well first off, shes really hot (cover of playboy) and still a dear friend she was always a rich chick without a dollar in her pocket you know what I mean? But like I said who needs money when your super hot, and Clints your pop's......instant.winner! You know I’d always have to pay for everything. change please..........not that she made us buy her alot of things, I just found it amusing really.

B: she made you earn it...

C: so my wife wanted to go to the hot new spot in Vegas for our wedding and Steve Wynn and Clint are pretty tight so I said hey Ive never asked you for shit right can you please just call your dad and have him call that Steve Wynn guy and get us in that fucking place? Cause it was like fuckin impossible you know? That Paris Hilton and those cunts were there the night before just impossible.

B: radical

C: there were people that looked like congressmen at my wedding all the way to Cant Stay Jose in red vans and 81 shirt. I think Chopper Dave was even there?

B: was he?

C: I think so yea. Rico dressed up with like new slip ons… there was like 20 of us moving through the lobby of the club whatever the hell it was called. And there were like 3 dudes that were like woa do you have a reservation?

B: oh shit

C: yea and I said uhh… Eastwood? And they called it in and then hes like OK right this way. We get through like 3 of those dudes with Jose and Dave Park and all these fuckin guys (laughter)

B: crazy

C: past the big huge line of 800 beautiful people all dressed up (laughter). We get to the final guy and he’s lookin at us like who the fuck is this crew (laughter)

B: (laughter)

C: the head guy was like Mr.Wynn welcomes you!

B: (laughter) you may enter!

C: it was pretty rad there was cocaine done on the table.

B: yea shit I would hope so the entire hotel is gold plated!

C: then Clint’s daughter’s little boyfriend kept coming around asking if we fucked her (laughter)

B: what the shit?

C: (laughter) yea it was great. I mean he knew I did but then other guys, random dudes from LA he would be like SO HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WITH ALLISON? (laughter) it was just insanity I think he asked the Kennedy Brothers…

C: He was just super insecure. He was so insecure, you know he would get that table service deal you know where you get like some 400 dollar bottle of vodka sent to the table or some shit?

B: oh god…

C: I think I had some pretty hi rollers at the party that were willing to help out you know like HEY I GOT THE NEXT ONE. But nope little guy wasn’t havin it ABSOLUTELY NOT I’D BE OFFENDED! It was great. I don’t know how much it was but we probably racked up about 7 grand or 8 grand (laughter)

B: (laughter) Grand Torino

C: I think it might have been closer to 12 grand …

B: holy shit

C: and he crumbled and had remorse the next day I guess. Allison called and was like do you think any of you guys would mind pitching in to… And my brother was like oh yea let me sell my car to pay for a quarter of it (laughter) she didn’t get a dime but we never heard another word about it (laughter)

B: I remember me and my ex girlfriend were there it was the first time I had a phone that would take pictures and I took a picture of me humping her and I showed your dad that afternoon down at the pool remember?

C: it was actually… she was actually gaping.

B: oh yea that’s right it was my first gape. And I showed your dad and he was like NICE and I felt like… weird pride…

C: yea you got a thumbs up. He saw my fuck stool once and he later told Rico it was the best thing I ever built.

B: well shit its been ridden a lot more than any of those fuckin bikes!! (laughter)

C: (laughter) actually its pretty rad… theres a new kid, you know at the shop. He saw the stool you know? He witnessed it. And he made one of his own. I had to give him the technology. I had to walk him through it…

B: yea rad, blender motor… how about keeping the boxes for the sex toys?

C: yea he knows that one. I swear to god he knows that tip! I tuned him up. He knows to keep the bag and the boxes that the dildos come in you know? He knows to wash em and put em back in the boxes like there brand new so you can use em again for each new chick… and he’s an AA guy so he’s just pulling them from meetings…

B: yea yea yea that’s the hunting ground.

C: well he’s killing it! And theyre hungry!

B: they cant suck a bottle anymore so…

C: I swear that box tip is the best shit ever.

B: yea that shit changed me when I heard that. That may have been my turning point

C: cuz you know no chick is every gonna be into just some random dildo at least not when youre there!

B: (laughter) hey so youre doin a car show now?

C: yea yea there was a pro TT race here in Salinas at the Rodeo Grounds that happened last year that nobody went to. So they hired another promoter this year and they thought in addition to the races theyd have some other stuff to draw the crowd. So they figured how about this Cole Foster guy hes kinda big in the car and bike deal. So it just kinda fell in my lap I didn’t ask for it you know that’s how it started. I was just gonna be another side act like the clown face painting and the bouncy houses. Then the lady tells me I can do whatever I want. So I tell her I don’t want anybody to just pull up in their stock camaro and I cant invite people to come out then try and charge them 60 bucks

B: yea that’s the kiss of death

C: so if the TT races weren’t there Id probably have passed but the races will be fun and they’ll keep people there and last year I think they were chargin people 60 bucks to get in this year its 20 bucks. The promoter says I don’t have to charge anything for our part so that’s cool. We had about a week to get the word out and I wanted to kinda keep it small. But its started to pick up a lot of response. I figure fuck it I’ll blow it out, now Moons coming, Dice, (laughter) we’ll have an after party cuz theres a neat indoor area were they serve drinks and stuff. Come to find out we know the guy that runs the whole Rodeo Grounds so we can keep rollin after the races are over. The place will close down but we stay and that’s when the The Highway Murderes come out..

B: oh no!!!!!

C: yea we got a couple other bands too. There could be 20 cars there could be 200 who knows. So yea theres not much in it for me, I’ll probably sell some shirts, maybe I’ll charge a little at the after party to pay for the bands.

B: it would be nice if we could have another good show down there to look forward to you know? Now that Paso’s long gone.

C: If it doesn’t go good we’ll blame it on Jameson. We put red and blue on the flyers to neutralize the gang element (laughter)

B: I heard theyre rereleasing Choppertown again in 3-D this time…

C: (laughetr) shit…

B: I think that’s about it anything you wanna add?

C: I like Swedish chicks…

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  1. Sounds radd down to support Cole

  2. Are those gas tank valves or linkert needles in that parakeets paw?

  3. Nice way to finish up the tour Senor, truly twisted interview all the way through, excellent Lorikeet, his logo's always cracked me up, Mr Hips should be stoked, Get the combined effort up and running, too weird, too good !!!

    1. Yeah, I sure am STOKED to see Brandon's new ink, my Lorikeet is stoked too.

    2. Nicke, get some more damn shirts sorted . . . please !! You guys are perfect for each other, I'd say the 'Rigid Chain Drive', cross pollination, hyper hybrid exchange program was a raging success, keep it going, love both of you super freaks !!!

    3. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

    4. Hey, you'll get free shirts as soon as I get the next batch done, you are such a positive force and I may be drunk but that's not the point - I just really like your writing and drinking.

    5. Good to know I'm not the only drink blogger around, cheers Nicke, really appreciate it coming from such a vivid communicator, if you're up for it, feel free to follow my rantings at my blog, would love to have you on board . . . regarding the tee, a genuinely philanthropic offer but I couldn't bare the thought of you up there in the land of the midnight sun and not being able afford the shit you put in your water, keep em coming, keep bending the elbow and keep blowing minds with your negligable mechanical knowledge . . and music . . literary abilities . . . jeez man, I hate you !!! Te he he.

  4. Best fucking interview ever. Keep it up!