torsdag 1 mars 2012

Classic Racing Linkert Fabrication

This is a carburetor build for the Flathead true believers.


Today I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, yes I’m talking about having breakfast at McDonald’s. After that I skipped work, went straight to the garage, loaded up the stereo with 'Madman Across the Water' on repeat and dug out a good 3 bolt Linkert housing to modify into a classic Flathead Racing Carburetor.

After being glass blasted - just see how glad it became ...Little did it know it would be decapitated in only a few minutes.

You can get Linkert nozzles at most places but since my eagerness was of equatorian proportions I cut my own on the lathe / mill, besides there’s some mods ‘n tricks done to this one that couldn’t been done to a stock nozzle.

Are we having fun yet..?

Milling the nozzle tip at an angle is a classic Linkert racing mod, just look at it! Holy shit this one will never run under 3000 RPM!!! Perfect.

This is what the nozzle looks like after being milled and drilled a bit, OHV style but the tube has a different ID from the stock one and after this pic was taken there was a few more ‘adjustments’ done to it, however they are of a more secret nature.


We need all the air we can get here so the carburetor housing had to be CUT DOWN, the choke ‘housing’ part had to go, this is the way dragracers used to do it back in the glory days when I still was dead waiting to be born, cool ain’t it!? Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen, great song...


Here it is finished, just look how compact the proportions get without the choke part, completley rebuilt with Rubber Ducky float, nos throttle disc, new needle and seat and the venturi drilled out to a maximum. So, there you have it, or at least some of it - how to build your own classic Racing Linkert, or more frankly; how to turn a stock Linkert into a giant petcock while listening to Elton John...

15 kommentarer:

  1. amazing work as always

    how much for doing one of these for me?

  2. that thing was made 45 minutes from my house.

  3. "giant petcock" haha, just dump that gas in there!

  4. Inspiring, love the look of it.

  5. Very Cool...I have a couple of M51L's worked like that on a ULH with OHV conversion motor done in the late 30's or 40's. I'll post some pics...Great work!

  6. nicke you are crazy and i love ya

  7. That thing was made 3 blocks from my house! Now it is Bud's Supermarket where I buy groceries...MADE IN INDIANAPOLIS USA!!!