onsdag 29 februari 2012

Time Perception Experiment

Here's an article I did for DicE some time back, and if you're interested in understanding what 'some time' REALLY means - I suggest you read it.

Stockholm / 2011-02-08
This is what I believe to be the second part of the article series I’m doing about Matte Hedenstrand and his amazing bike collection, I am pretty sure this is the second article in the series but it might be the third or first. I do know I did an article about Matte’s longfork Knuckle a few issues ago so I’d say this is the second article - if you got linear time perception that is. You might have circular time perception and if so this might just be the first article, or third? All depending on what direction your circular time perception spins. To shine a light over this let’s do a time perception experiment.

Stockholm / 2011-02-09
Dean & Matt really needed this article from me yesterday or I would miss the deadline, so that would mean I am late right now, right? But hey, even though I have no idea what kind of time perception I’ve got let’s just say it’s elliptical; Two galaxies that collide will form one great elliptical galaxy - and let’s just pretend that’s how my time perception works; a collision of the linear and circular perceptions. And if so, that would also mean that I have a choice here; to be late, to be right on time, or even early. To start off this experiment I choose early, and now I’m going skating...

Stockholm / 2011-02-10
Hi again, ok now I’m back at my garbage dump office after going skateboarding yesterday, so am I one more day late with this article now, am I right on time, or am I even one more day early? Well, if you are reading this in DicE Magazine right now that would mean my little experiment with time worked and that I really am able to control cosmos through elliptical time perception. Or could it be that all this is just nonsense and that I had nothing to write since I lost Matte’s phone number and can’t really remember all the details about this bike? I’ll do a truth perception experiment for next issue and we’ll find out. But for now let’s concentrate on Matte’s Stroked Generator Shovel that he built all by himself including the paintjob. Stefan Grönqvist did the stroker motor and when Matte passed me on the freeway on this thing I almost shat myself and I don’t really do that all too often, at least not any more than once a year, once a month or once a day; it’s all up to me now.

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