onsdag 18 januari 2012

The Two Hour Assassination Of God

At 4am she entered the brain of God
And stumbled blindly through its convoluted swamps

Until reaching a clearing
In which was reflected the image of everything that had ever happened
To anyone, anywhere
In time
And in space

We all got it right so long ago
In that there’s no final answer
Or prior scheme of things
But only a wild and unknown frenzy in which not even the anarchist treads water

At 5am she piled her clothes
Into a heap and made a fire upon God’s grey mass
Which lit up the universe with a fierce bonfire

And rained ashes
Over planet
And over star

Few of us had figured that Buddah got in the way of Buddhism
That Gods were better never thought up

That every king, leader, guru, chief
Was just another stone prison slab

At 6am she clearly and directly saw a myriad living things manifest
In joy and liberation upon the surface
Of a world that didn’t really change

Except some skins and scales just dropped away.

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