fredag 13 januari 2012

S&S L Series Carbs For Jerry's Knuckle

S&S L Series carburetor remains one of my all time favourite carbs, right up there with the magical bronze spawns of Adolf Linkert and the wonderful aluminium offsprings of George Riley.

Now they’re completely rebuilt with new throttle discs, shafts and bushings, I cooked up all new idle tubes and installed new main jets. I also relieved the top idle tube passage for the low speed circuits since this is a dual carb set-up I thought that could be a positive thing.

Soldering the floats in place and then tweaking the little lever to make the floats float at just the right level is a time consuming process to say the least, it’s good fun though, at least at this point, redoing this on a hot engine during a hot day with a hot temper getting drenched in gas is not quite as fun.

Anyone who’s worked on some of those carbs know how bad the floats usually are. These original floats were a bit banged up but nothing too serious, but I still troubled my tiny little mind with them for a bit straightening them out and making sure they don’t leak.

Observe the carved horizontal line at the top of the float bowl, that’s the line you use to measure from down to the top of the float, in the GBL manual you can get the right measurements, where it’s suppose to open and where it’s supposed to close. But if you study the lines and shape of the floats this is kinda far from an exact science.

Now, since this is a dual carburetor set-up I kept the float levels just a tad on the lean side to save Jerry’s Knuckle from getting soaked in gas.

I just love the look of these... Pretty much like two Linkert DC's on steroids.

Or maybe a bit more like two Linkert DC’s on mushrooms..?

10 kommentarer:

  1. that's a sick looking set up, and i'm sure they'll run just as good as they look.

  2. soo dope... must be the skater in you..

  3. Well, you are building the appropriate shrine to hold those fuckers

  4. Nicke I love you so much brother I am not sure how I will ever get them runnin without your help see you soon love Jeremiah

  5. man...i just got back to the shop after picking up a 37 big twin flathead thinking what i could sell to build this thing and my GBL was in my head...might have to keep it now...

  6. now it looks like i may be trading my L-series towards a nice set of UL cylinders...better than selling it for groceries!