onsdag 29 juni 2011

Never Learn Not To Love

The Draggers afterparty Saturday night just might have been the best party on planet earth, it was magical. And I love you Dean, but you knew that already.

I'm so stoked my cousin Adam Wright came along for this ride, he was in the sidecar for two weeks straight, through burning sun and pouring rain, from small gravel roads to the Autobahn, drinking beer, shooting photos, eating or even sleeping, we had so much fun there's no way I could describe it on here. Adam is truly my favorite photographer, no one can catch a moment like he can, no one.

And he knows how to drink too, see you in a few months, I love you Adam.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. There's not alot of people like you Jerry and I'll always love you for it.

Julian the hero rode all the way from Germany to Tidaholm and back with us. And he kept the kegs coming all night, thank you so much - you're a true ruler Julian.

We would never been able to pull off this trip if it wasn't for Anneli, thanx for everything and see you soon - you're truly the best.

Looks like Marcus had a revelation, and I don't think he was the only one?

Leaving Göteborg for Stockholm ...Everyone who came out and rode with us - from Arizona to Tidaholm, everyone who helped out, all of my friends - old and new, everyone involved in the Bottrop Show, I LOVE you all. And we'll meet again soon - The Road Goes On Forever And The Party Never Ends.

måndag 27 juni 2011

Stockholm - Bottrop / Part #2

Here's a few more random pics from our Germany trip...

The Bottrop Bike Show was a total mindmelter! Jerry won best Knuckle, Jimmy won best Pan, Le Beef won best Shovel and I won best Flathead. So stoked..! The Draggers are the best dudes ever, thanx for all the beer, beautiful helmets and great times.

Outside the Sissy Bar getting ready for Germany...

Highwaymen are hard to find, and harder to keep.

A strong German duck.

Outside our motel somewhere outside Bremen, this was the day after Rickard's Genny Shovel caught fire outside a gas station. It sure was scary but nothing a good carb cleaning, new coil and a fresh set of plugs couldn't fix. Rickard rode with us all the way back up to Stockholm and the bike ran strong as ever.

Nothing dries wet gloves like a Knuck.

Waiting for the sun.

Back in Kiel about to board the ferry.

Looks like Satan finally found a way to speak to us, I just wish I knew what he was saying? Maybe Corner knows..?

torsdag 23 juni 2011

Stockholm - Bottrop / Part #1

Here's a few random pics from me and Adam's little flathead trip from Stockholm, Sweden to Bottrop, Germany, we were out riding for two weeks and did stops at the Joker's Show in Tidaholm and then spent a few days in Göteborg on our way down to Bottrop. There was so many great people showing up riding with us all the way from Tidaholm and the UL didn't even cough once during the whole trip, we had the best of times.

Peter Longhair and Marcus getting ready for the Autobahn.

Me, Rickard, Anneli and Jimmy getting ready for the ferry's buffé

Adam getting the sidecar ready for Germany.

Sebastian's Knucklehead is one of my all time favorites, I just love that bike.

One of too many gas stops, or wait, we ran out of gas a few times so I guess that should be too few..?

Jerry broke down on the Autobahn, changed the plugs and off we went.

Somewhere near Hamburg, or was it Bremen, or wait, I think it might have been Hannover? I was hungover I do remember that much.

I love Jerry, and he even got his rain jacket to try some of the German mayonnaise...

Good times at the show, Benji is such a ruler.

Beware of the tulip!

There was so many great friends showing up from all over the world and I can't wait to go back next year, I want to thank everyone involved in the show and specially The Draggers for taking such great care of us at all times, we are beyond stoked. So, hats off to you and I'll post more pics in a bit...

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Andy Warhol never full throttled a Knucklehead on the freeway during a hot day. Or maby he did and that's when he came up with the name for his series of multimedia events?

Jesus Christ, just look at this magneto cap.
Repro magneto caps suck so bad, the original ones where made of bakelite, this one's plastic. What can I say, Exploding Plastic Inevitable.

lördag 4 juni 2011

It's A Long Way Back To Germany

Just spent half a gallon of Loctite on the UL, got the lefty sidecar re-mounted and tuned the brakes.

We're leaving Stockholm on Thursday 9:th for The Jokers Show and then on Sunday we'll ride down to Gothenburg to spend a few days before...

We leave Sweden and ride across the beautiful country of Denmark and deep into Germany for the Bottrop Bike Show. This is going to be so much fun I can't wait.

Hope to see you somewhere along the way.