måndag 27 juni 2011

Stockholm - Bottrop / Part #2

Here's a few more random pics from our Germany trip...

The Bottrop Bike Show was a total mindmelter! Jerry won best Knuckle, Jimmy won best Pan, Le Beef won best Shovel and I won best Flathead. So stoked..! The Draggers are the best dudes ever, thanx for all the beer, beautiful helmets and great times.

Outside the Sissy Bar getting ready for Germany...

Highwaymen are hard to find, and harder to keep.

A strong German duck.

Outside our motel somewhere outside Bremen, this was the day after Rickard's Genny Shovel caught fire outside a gas station. It sure was scary but nothing a good carb cleaning, new coil and a fresh set of plugs couldn't fix. Rickard rode with us all the way back up to Stockholm and the bike ran strong as ever.

Nothing dries wet gloves like a Knuck.

Waiting for the sun.

Back in Kiel about to board the ferry.

Looks like Satan finally found a way to speak to us, I just wish I knew what he was saying? Maybe Corner knows..?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Nicke I want the duck!! :-))

  2. Satan spooked too me the other night, like he often do during my long sleepless nights …

    “ Corner, I have sent the message to the machine, the red two wheeled machine

    Ok, no clue what ya talking about thou, but I guess you did the right thing

    “ Well, you asked for it! You wanted help to get that tripp!

    Tripp? I’m tripping now…

    “ The tripp you wanted to do with Nicke Svensson, to Gothenburg, to Sissybar, to The Chopper Fest

    Fuck yea! Did you fix it? Man I just Love to do that! Far out!

    “ Yea, I fix’d it, I sent the message thru his Red Machine…