tisdag 31 maj 2011

The Night Of The Moth

The black Mercedeses followed each other compactly up the minuscule mountain roads, like a long black snake trying to flee its own tail hunted by the burning sun. 4000 feet below them there was still a war on the beaches of Normandy, my war. I brought it there and even though I didn’t like it any more than I liked Henry Rollins singing in Black Flag it kinda put things in perspective. A shiny glimpse of a circular past illuminated my graveled expectations; instead of unity I felt isolation.

The French Riviera is magnificent in May she said from behind her outsized Gucci eyewear as the Lamborghinis passed outside the restaurant where a bottle of wine costs more than all the clothes on my body, but sometimes it’s not about the money. Reflections in tinted Bentley windows portraying palm tree parades leading up to The Carlton Hotel, the sun sets leisurely over the jewelry drenched haciendas as the murderer met her at the Viper Room, 5 hours left until she met her doom, blood tastes better if you had a pulse he mumbled, the ghost of River Phoenix and a bag of blow can’t save you now. The bottles piled up between my feet as my spirit fell from grace.

Rewind my soul right here on the beach, through moonlit skies, foliage symphonies and breaking waves, the bloody red shorelines are whispering my name. The night of the moth raises the divine wings of dawn or was it the other way around?
Jesus Christ I love being drunk and I really love Buco windshields, specially the small Cushman model without the headlight cutout at the bottom, the same model used on Indian Chiefs and the four cylinder models. Buco did these windshields in several sizes and colors so to find a color matched 21” X 22” sure was a bloody poetic experience.

måndag 23 maj 2011

The Model U-niverse / An Intergalactic Electric Uterus

If you get on a Model U and hit exactly 100 kilometers per hour at 01:00 at night you open the luminous gateway between our universe and the parallel Model U-niverse.

In this spectacular Model U-niverse our world is flat, the freeways are eternal and there's no OHV's guarding the gates of dawn. Just roll the throttle and it will roll you right back shooting you straight into total cosmic weightlessness, total awareness, the final focus of harmonious physics. Ride at night like the coyote in the desert, feel the inversed isolation - there’s just no comparsion.

Emotion and thought, nature and culture, the surf and turf of the mind. Inside the Model U-niverse the mind is so in tune with the surroundings it'll constantly feel like you’re bathing in body tempered water; an intergalactic electric uterus. Every emotion has to be translated into text to be delivered, the great paradox of written art, stranded on the shorelines of cryptogram interpretation. Hovering mystical rapture emerge as the mind expands, the spirit transformed into a negative reflection of itself reversing gravity, shooting streams of energy traveling back and forth at the speed of death. The brutal pulsation from 4.9/32” strokes forcing deep and dark city street labyrinths to pure savage freeways, freeways looped via tunnel vision into delicate endless orbits and asphalted sparkling silver stripes of velvet. Flatheads Forever.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

Rigid Hips Japan

We're proud to announce that The World / Psycho Wheels in Osaka is now the official Rigid Hips dealer in Japan.

Be sure to visit them for an amazing collection of chopper culture related stuff, and more...

Just click here to visit the Psycho Wheels Online Store

tisdag 17 maj 2011

Restricted Medication / God, Nurse Ratchet, Riley, Devo, Dylan, The Devil and More...

The ancient wolf of time sure buried her fangs deep in these Riley Venturis, making them wounded beyond repair.

So out come the lathe lathey lathe and lathed across my garage bed, just like Bob Dylan would, or he probably wouldn't but this post ain't about Bob, it's about my LIFE, I can't seem to get that through to you!? I'm not just talking about one person, I'm talking about EVERYBODY! I'm talking about EVERYTHING, I'm talking about form, I'm talking about CONTENT! I'm talking about interrelationships, I'm talking about GOD, the DEVIL, HELL and HEAVEN! Do you understand!? FINALLY - YES it's also about freshly made internal Riley carburetor parts...

I skipped the math lesson and calculator this time and went with my Gut Feeling, just like Devo would. So, the new veturis came out 1" sharp. These carbs will be mounted on the 1500cc TT Knuckle, and it will need all the gas speed it can possibly get. Pic is shot from the throttle side of the carb.

Here are the two types of Riley idle tubes I've seen so far; the one to the left in the pic is for Alchohol and the other one's for gasoline. Get it, Chief..?

Here's the newly finished idle tubes, I believe this restricted petroleum medication will be pretty good for a 1500cc. Ok, the Riley gasoline tubes originally have a .125" / 3.175 millimeter ID, however I did the ID on these .118" / 3 millimeter. Also the air bleed on the OG Riley tubes are 1/16" / 1.5875 millimeter. These new ones have a .059" / 1.5 millimeter air bleed.

I always used to calculate for a long time before I decided on what drills to use when it came to internal carb parts, BUT LIKE I SAID, I skipped the math this time and just went with my gut feeling, I followed the VOICES INSIDE MY HEAD, GET IT!? And that's the truth and nothing but the TRUTH so help me Nurse Ratchet.

lördag 14 maj 2011

Happiness Is A Warm Drum

My entire life I’ve been a worried man, and as long as I can remember I’ve worried my mind about pretty much every single thing, it’s like I’m obsessed, I gave up long ago - it's in my DNA. Back when I was a teenager I used to doubt the laws of gravity a lot, this was the reason I always had birds instead of dogs, I still do. As a kid I believed birds didn’t need gravity in the same direct way dogs do to survive. This gravitational doubt got so horrific at times I had to tie ropes around my ankles when I went to bed at night to keep my body from drifting out in space. A few years ago I magnaflux tested a set of Knuckleheads and when the process proved beyond all reasonable doubt they had absolutely no cracks at all, the old doubting obsession kicked in, so I continued to examine the heads with a magnifying glass so intensely and for so many hours I had to be hospitalized overnight because of the worst attack of dehydration and overstrained eye muscelature you could possibly imagine. See what I’m getting at? I could go on and on but I’ll spare you any further examples…
Riding season is upon us and pretty much everyone who's out under the sun punishing the ancient flatheaded iron tends to get a bit worried about overheating their bike from time to time, or like me - constantly worried about overheating; is the carb running just a little bit lean? Is the ignition just a little bit retarded? Did I get the compression just a little bit too high? Will I have to run another red light? am I really sober yet?
But now, thanks to science you can all breathe a sigh of relief. And this is actually pretty cool, a 1932 74" VL measured by a Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager. I came across this test a few days ago and thought I'd post it on here; this test article was done by Fluke after the ’32 VL had run 5 miles.

The 1932 74" VL used for the heat test.

Before the test ride, with the engine at the ambient temperature.

Just fired up, the motorcycle quickly heats its exhaust pipes.

After the ride, the rear brake temperature has climbed.

The front brake appears to be running cooler than the rear, possibly because of better air flow.

The intake side of motor.

Infrared image reveals that the rear cylinder is hotter than the front cylinder.

Pretty cool test huh? You can get your own Fluke Thermal Imager right here and calmly study the exact temperature of your motorcycle, for me unfortunately, it'd probably just be a waste of money...

tisdag 10 maj 2011

Revelation of The Seat Clevis Serpent

I feel a raging need to shine a light over the 1929-up seat clevis pin and spring, one of the most tasteful and intelligent designs in the entire history of the Motor Company. I can spend hours in the garage just staring at this spring from different angles dreaming of times way before my own.

I simply don’t feel this mechanical geniousity has gotten the attention it deserves. It’s even beyond mechanical; it’s more frankly described as intellectual, and still this delicate construction is a bit overlooked.

The design of the spring is so immaculate it will always remain a symbol of what this whole world used to be all about at one point, before over-commercialization swept in and fried everything on the altar of good taste, everyone who’s ever installed or popped one of these springs knows what I’m referring to and I wasn’t’ even around at that time, that’s how superior the design is; it stood the hardest test of all – the test of time.

tisdag 3 maj 2011

NickeLeaks Reveals $1300 Knucklehead

Several cases of OHV radiation illness symptoms were reported and registered at the United States Government's alien biogenetics laboratory in Milwaukee during the late 1930's

And even though some of this information now has leaked, there's still a ton more hidden under the shadows of dark wings from the spines of advanced governments and their elitist forces. Today I fear reports of the same nature being revealed in the near future, reports of similar OHV radiation symptoms ...only this time located South of Stockholm, Sweden.

What makes me fear this scenario is among other things that a friend of mine brought this box to my garage today, a box he payed $1300.00 for (needless to say it was not bought on the internet) Now I'm gonna build the motor for him, so it'll sure cost him a lot more before it's all finished, alot more beer that is. I'll just have to find a way to manipulate the OHV radiation levels, one trusted technique is to simply give in and indulge in the OHV radiation.
Something that may be devastating for the soul of the one who follows the divine path of the Side Valve, but due to lack of mechanic complications from constructing radiation-resistant full-body armor, still very well worth considering.

The aggressive OHV radiation epidemic wildly spread from Wisconsin and all over this planet starting in the late 1930's, and the incubation period is still very very short ...as some of you may have experienced already.