tisdag 17 maj 2011

Restricted Medication / God, Nurse Ratchet, Riley, Devo, Dylan, The Devil and More...

The ancient wolf of time sure buried her fangs deep in these Riley Venturis, making them wounded beyond repair.

So out come the lathe lathey lathe and lathed across my garage bed, just like Bob Dylan would, or he probably wouldn't but this post ain't about Bob, it's about my LIFE, I can't seem to get that through to you!? I'm not just talking about one person, I'm talking about EVERYBODY! I'm talking about EVERYTHING, I'm talking about form, I'm talking about CONTENT! I'm talking about interrelationships, I'm talking about GOD, the DEVIL, HELL and HEAVEN! Do you understand!? FINALLY - YES it's also about freshly made internal Riley carburetor parts...

I skipped the math lesson and calculator this time and went with my Gut Feeling, just like Devo would. So, the new veturis came out 1" sharp. These carbs will be mounted on the 1500cc TT Knuckle, and it will need all the gas speed it can possibly get. Pic is shot from the throttle side of the carb.

Here are the two types of Riley idle tubes I've seen so far; the one to the left in the pic is for Alchohol and the other one's for gasoline. Get it, Chief..?

Here's the newly finished idle tubes, I believe this restricted petroleum medication will be pretty good for a 1500cc. Ok, the Riley gasoline tubes originally have a .125" / 3.175 millimeter ID, however I did the ID on these .118" / 3 millimeter. Also the air bleed on the OG Riley tubes are 1/16" / 1.5875 millimeter. These new ones have a .059" / 1.5 millimeter air bleed.

I always used to calculate for a long time before I decided on what drills to use when it came to internal carb parts, BUT LIKE I SAID, I skipped the math this time and just went with my gut feeling, I followed the VOICES INSIDE MY HEAD, GET IT!? And that's the truth and nothing but the TRUTH so help me Nurse Ratchet.

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