måndag 23 maj 2011

The Model U-niverse / An Intergalactic Electric Uterus

If you get on a Model U and hit exactly 100 kilometers per hour at 01:00 at night you open the luminous gateway between our universe and the parallel Model U-niverse.

In this spectacular Model U-niverse our world is flat, the freeways are eternal and there's no OHV's guarding the gates of dawn. Just roll the throttle and it will roll you right back shooting you straight into total cosmic weightlessness, total awareness, the final focus of harmonious physics. Ride at night like the coyote in the desert, feel the inversed isolation - there’s just no comparsion.

Emotion and thought, nature and culture, the surf and turf of the mind. Inside the Model U-niverse the mind is so in tune with the surroundings it'll constantly feel like you’re bathing in body tempered water; an intergalactic electric uterus. Every emotion has to be translated into text to be delivered, the great paradox of written art, stranded on the shorelines of cryptogram interpretation. Hovering mystical rapture emerge as the mind expands, the spirit transformed into a negative reflection of itself reversing gravity, shooting streams of energy traveling back and forth at the speed of death. The brutal pulsation from 4.9/32” strokes forcing deep and dark city street labyrinths to pure savage freeways, freeways looped via tunnel vision into delicate endless orbits and asphalted sparkling silver stripes of velvet. Flatheads Forever.

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